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Tailored EPM raw materials.

This company produces tailored and functionalized EPM raw materials for dispersants and viscosity index improvers. Viscosity index improvers regulate oil viscosity over temperature intervals to ensure multigrade oils provide engine protection throughout all seasons. The company's polymers for dispersant applications are said to improve engine soot and sludge handling to allow increased drain intervals under more severe engine conditions. The company's extrusion line is said to offer a more flexible, low cost production route for petroleum additives grades, and allows customers to benefit from a cost-effectively produced product range, along with the high-level service capabilities offered by the company. The design and capacity of the line is said to ensure flexibility in product variability combined with economy of scale for tailored EPM grades. In addition, customers are set to benefit from future innovations for the motor oils market, with the new extrusion line providing a platform for further developments in petroleum additives, according to the company.

DSM Elastomers
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Title Annotation:Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jun 22, 2007
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