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Tailor-made WFSI concepts reflect current trends.

Trends come and go, but sometimes they take root and set new standards. The idea of natural products has made its mark upon nearly every industry around the world. WFSI presented a multi-faceted portfolio that satisfies popular demand for natural beverages and foods. In doing so, it also takes into account the very different attributes that individual consumers link to natural products.

A panel of experts presented solutions for the entire beverage market as well as for foods, dairy products, baked goods and confectionery.

Brilliant colours, magnificent flavours

Colouring foodstuffs and flavours are showing growth. As far as possible consumers want short ingredients lists with no E-numbers. The idea of natural products is the key to popular innovative concepts. Natural ingredients have become the new standard, says Jochen Heininger, vice president marketing and product management EMEA, WFSI. It demonstrated its expertise in colours with its wide selection of bright and beautiful applications. The colouring foodstuffs of the WFSI Rainbow Range can be used in a broad spectrum of different beverage categories as well as confectionery products such as jellies.

Trendsetting vegan diets

Many consumers associate a diet that is free from animal products with a natural way of eating, whether for ethical reasons or because of health benefits Current boom in demand does not only come from vegans and vegetarians. Flexitarians who only occasionally eat meat are a growing market for food manufacturers. WFSI offers vegan concepts for different categories within this large growth market. At the fair WFSI presented innovative soft drinks with isolated soy protein as well as new concepts for crisps, cereals and bars.

Proteins shifting over time

Protein beverages and foods based on plants are by no means only appealing to vegans, vegetarians or high-performance athletes. There is more demand for products that are good for our well-being and contain functional ingredients. The team presented complete solutions that reflect current trends and harmoniously combine fruit and soy. They also highlighted plant-based protein innovations for bars and snacks, ice-cream desserts and soft drinks with isolated soy protein. WFSI has developed contemporary concepts for the dairy industry. One highlight was ancient grains such as quinoa, which is currently undergoing a renaissance in the food industry.

Naturally produced craft products

The way consumers interpret the concept of natural food can be expanded even wider. The current craft-beer movement has drawn attention to other products that people view as the result of honest artisan manufacturing. In keeping with this development, WFSI has applied the craft-beer character to beer-mix beverages.

Sweetening with a clear conscience

Products are not only supposed to be natural and manufactured with trusted products; many of them need to be low-sugar or low-calorie as well. Sugar consumption is a topic of ongoing public discussion, and it is frequently the focus of criticism. In many countries, legislation has been drafted with the purpose of lowering sugar consumption. Consequently there is more demand for sugar alternatives than ever before. WFSI is presenting the next generation of sweetening solutions, and its trade-fair portfolio includes new concepts for products such as low-sugar beverages and toppings.

WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WFSI), a business unit of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) presented a wide range of ingredients and concepts for natural products across multiple categories and segments at SIAL 2016.

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Publication:South African Food Review
Date:Oct 19, 2016
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