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Tahrir: The Last 18 Days of Mubarak.



By Abdel-Latif El Menawy

Published by Gilgamesh Publishing

ISBN 9781908531124

Price 12.95 [pounds sterling] paperback


Abdel-Latif El Menawy, the controller of Egypt's television and radio, tells the inside story of exactly how January 2011's revolution played out. Besieged inside the state TV building for 18 days, El Menawy was constantly in touch with the President and the ruling clique led by the President's son and heir apparent, Gamal, as well as ministers and officers at the highest levels of the defence and intelligence services. With exclusive photographs and screenshots of previously unbroadcast TV footage, this book answers many questions, among them: Why did the army deploy on the streets and where did its loyalty lie? Was the revolution really brought about by Facebook and Twitter? How did the death of Hosni Mubarak's 12-year-old grandson in 2009 affect the ageing President's day-to-day running of the country? Why did Mubarak not step down until he was alone in Sharm El Sheikh without his wife, his son and all his men?

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Author:Rhodes, Fred
Publication:The Middle East
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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