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Tags can be snags; Warning on the risk of collars.

Byline: Rachel Spencer

COLLARS can kill - that's the stark message from experts and owners whose pets have been snared by them.

Identity tags can get trapped in radiators and vents. A pet can tear its flesh by getting a leg stuck in a collar that's too loose.

Patterdale terrier Daisy gave her owner Louise Spencer a scare when she got her collar stuck in a radiator she likes to lie on.

Louise says: "Daisy came downstairs one day and she had no collar on.

"I found it attached to the radiator by her identity tag that had got caught in the grill.

"Thankfully the collar just slipped off but I dread to think what could have happened if it had been fitted tighter. It would have strangled her."

Dogs are required by law to wear a collar and identity tag when in public - so lost animals can be traced and returned to their owners.

One way to reduce the danger of an ID tag or collar is to use a collar with a safety release catch which breaks open when a large amount of pressure is applied.Vet Ashley Gray from Vetsure pet insurance says: "I have seen dogs who were caught on a fence post and who have lots of injuries due to thrashing around," he says.

"The animal is often found collapsed after choking rather than still attached to the object.

"It should be emphasised that generally a well fitted collar is pretty safe and there are collars with a safety mechanism that will snap open.

Nastiest "With cats, it is worthwhile asking whether a collar is necessary. Some cats need a collar for using an automated cat flap but for many, micro chipping is sufficient."

Ashley says having a collar that is too loose can be just as dangerous as the animal can get a leg trapped.

He says: "A trapped leg can be missed by the owner and the pressure of the collar on the underarm or armpit area can cause a huge tear.

"These are probably amongst the nastiest injuries I have seen in practice in both dogs and cats."


RADIATOR: Daisy had a narrow escape

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 15, 2015
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