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TactioHealth Mobile Health App Adds BodyMedia Data to Aid Weight Loss.

Imports & syncs data from BodyMedia FIT armbands to help track daily activity levels

MONTREAL -- Tactio Health Group, a provider of mobile health applications used by more than 2.5 million consumers, today announced the addition of body monitoring data from BodyMedia FIT Armband Systems to the TactioHealth home wellness system to help users manage their weight. Consumers who utilize the BodyMedia FIT system for weight control can now import steps-taken data collected by the armband and sync it with the Tactio application's Active Lifestyle page to help track daily activity levels, eliminating the need for manual data entry as well as assuring accurate activity monitoring by BodyMedia's FDA Class II medical device.

Rated the #1 health app in multiple countries, Tactio's TactioHealth home wellness system enables users to self-track health parameters such as weight, body fat, waist size, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure on their iPhones or iPads by inputting or importing data from select body scales, blood pressure monitors, pedometers and now BodyMedia FIT armbands. It also computes health risks for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome based on key data and user-completed health profiles.

BodyMedia FIT armbands collect physiological data from the human body using four proprietary sensors that capture over 5,000 data readings every minute. This raw data includes measurements of heat flux, skin temperature, motion and galvanic skin response. BodyMedia's proprietary algorithms convert these readings to accurately capture key areas that directly affect people's health and wellness: calorie burn, physical activity duration, steps taken, and sleep duration and efficiency. The data is then stored on each user's online Activity Manager, which is available at any time via computer or smartphone and which also enables users to log their food intake, set goals and track their progress.

"The easier you make a technology tool for weight loss or any other kind of health monitoring, the greater the likelihood of success. That's why Tactio's decision to sync BodyMedia FIT data with their health app is significant," said BodyMedia CEO Christine Robins. "It saves time, eliminates barriers to use, and helps foster a self-help health culture that has the potential to improve health and wellness exponentially."

"I enjoyed the ease of use and simplicity of the BodyMedia FIT Armband. All you have to do is wear the armband and the sensors do the rest, like knowing that you are falling asleep and measuring it for you. And I can keep tracking my steps with TactioHealth without entering any data," noted one of the Tactio users selected for beta testing the solution.

"Partnering with BodyMedia is a natural fit for Tactio. We have a lot of common users that simply love using both products. Now they can use them in sync without needing to log data," said Michel Nadeau, P.Eng., President, CEO & Founder of Tactio Health Group. "We ran an online survey a few months ago to see what eHealth device our users want the most and BodyMedia FIT was among the top on the list! Users of Tactio/BodyMedia can now track their weight, blood pressure, activity, cholesterol, nutrition and sleep with little data entry. Together we make the power of eHealth work for you."

Tactio's TactioHealth home wellness system can be downloaded on iPhones or iPads from the iTunes AppStore. The BodyMedia FIT system is sold online at and select retailers.

About BodyMedia, Inc.

When your body talks, BodyMedia listens. BodyMedia has been unlocking and deciphering secrets of the body since 1999. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, BodyMedia is the pioneer in developing and marketing wearable body monitors that equip consumers with information they can use to make sweeping changes to their own health and wellness beginning with weight management and soon to include management of other conditions affected by lifestyle choices. The BodyMedia platform is the only system of its kind that is registered with the FDA as a Class II medical device and that has been clinically proven to enhance users' weight loss by up to three times compared to behavioral support alone (data on file). For more information, visit

About Tactio Health Group Inc.

Tactio Health Group is a world leader in mobile health systems with millions using its flagship TactioHealth Wellness System enjoying the personal and family benefits of being led to live a more active, healthier lifestyle. Tactio designs and builds multi-touch, cloud computing mobile software applications and systems that bring Internet market dynamics to the health and wellness industry, by providing world-class mobile solutions that instead of reactively tracking diseases, rather bring people the software they need to self track daily, weekly and monthly, to feel better and stay healthy longer. Visit for more information.

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*Data on file with BodyMedia
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