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Tactics to tarnish dignity of others, a sin: Raghib Naeemi.

LAHORE -- The negative tactics to tarnish or hit personality, respect or image of someone is a sin and Islam does not allow it.Professor Dr Raghib Naeemi said this while speaking at 'Fact Finding' program of a News television, anchored by Sajid Umer Gill, here on Sunday.

Professor Naeemi expressed his regret that a wave of intolerance had emerged in the society during last 4-5 years where people were not ready to listen each other with patience.

'A wave has emerged in the society, where political persons, celebrities etc are being hit. Islamic Sharia does not allow anyone to portray bad image of others by using any tactic', he said.

He said that social media was being used for character assassination of others by making their cartoons, parodies or using photo-shop or implementing various other modern tools.

He said that sharing information on Social media without proper research was also a sin and those who were doing it would have to face wrath of Allah Almighty and they would be liable to punishment on the 'Day of Judgment'.

Naeemi said that Islamic Sharia did not allow bad usage of any form of media including social media.

'Social media is bringing rapid change in society. In the light of the teachings of Islam, I have no hesitation in saying that use of social media for projecting personal information of someone without permission, character assassination, hitting or exploring hidden aspects of life of people, or other such acts are totally against Islam', he said.

He said that Ulema, scholars and celebrities must play their role to motivate people towards positive use of social media.

He said that hitting someone's personality through social media, or character assassination was not allowed in any case.

He said that parents should give proper training to their kids for making them a useful citizen. Teachers must also do the same, he added.

Political parties should also play their role in this regard, he said. 'In the recent past we have seen such a people who are using stage or rostrum for character assassination of others. This trend should be changed through collective efforts', he added.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 12, 2018
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