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Tablet press replacement parts, software & catalog from Natoli. (Packaging & Equipment Spotlight).

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc., St. Charles, MO, now offers high quality tablet press replacement parts. The company not only produces tablet press parts, but it researches for a better performing part with superior design and material specifications. These replacement parts have less down time and may increase performance speed. The types of replacement parts available include feed frames and aluminum feeder pans--feed frames are complete with tablet take-offs and scraper blades; feed frame blades supplied in brass, stainless, aluminum and delrin; cam tracks in steel, bronze and high-tech plastics; pressure rolls and pins; clutch parts (all parts to repair Stokes clutches). The company also rebuilds clutch assemblies arid worm gears in steel and bronze for most presses. Natoli's turrets feature the following: steel die tables; eyed upper punch guides; lower punch retainers (except B2 and DS3) and 3-piece die lock screw with stainless threaded ends. Options include hardened steel or stainless steel die tables and keyed lower punch guides.

Natoli has also introduced its TabletCad software allowing companies to design any standard tablet shape as well as some unusual shapes. It also enables the user to create a number of cup designs (concave, compound cup, flat face bevel edge, concave bevel edge, etc.).

Lastly, Natoli Engineering has unveiled the second edition of its accessories catalog for the tablet compression industry. This catalog provides solutions with all necessary accessories to accommodate tablet compression from set-up, through maintenance to inspection.
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Title Annotation:Natoli Engineering Company Inc.
Publication:Nutraceuticals World
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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