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THERE'S a chance to see potentially the best new artists of their generation at the start of their careers in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007 exhibition.

The annual exhibition is made up of the winners of a competition open to students of Fine Art across the country.

The 37 artists whose work is now on show at The New Art Gallery, Walsall, were selected from 1,200 entries.

Not surprisingly, this makes for a fairly diverse show. The photographic work seems particularly strong - Charlie Crane has travelled to North Korea and pictures immaculate dining rooms set for meals but empty of people, pictures of the leaders surrounded by potted plants, and dignified people at work.

Gesche Wurfel's pictures bring a wry smile, looking at the desolation of the site of London's 2012 Olympics, including the Cosy Cafe looking anything but cosy, as it is housed in a big metal container.

Penny Klepuszewska looks at the plight of the lonely elderly by showing a man in a comfy cardie, using a walking frame but proudly wearing his medals across his chest.

Lucy Coggle's paintings of normal-looking men with unpleasant thoughts written underneath are interesting but disturbing, as are Janine McLellan's shelves of cuddly toys, all with Gary Glitter's face superimposed.

Daniel Pasteiner's Allegory of Love with colourful painted swirls is pleasant and Camilla Kesterton's Census Hopeful merges an alien and Byzantine-style iconography to create a unique painted creature.

Gemma Pardo's video Congo 1880 is mesmerising, as you watch the tide slowly rise and sea birds come and go.

There is lots to see in this large show, which continues until September 2. and it gives you hope for the future of art.


RISING STARS... Charlie Crane's eerily empty dining room (above) and (right) Camilla Kesterton's Census Hopeful, which merges an alien and Byzantine-style iconography.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 20, 2007
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