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Tabernash Brewing Co. opens in Denver.

The Tabernash Brewing Co., a much-heralded new microbrewery, will open its doors next month in Denver. The brewery, which is staffed by some of the brightest young lights in the microbrewing industry, will be the first Denver microbrewery devoted to brewing lagers.

According to Tabernash, the first kegs are scheduled for delivery in November.

The first beer introduced by Tabernash is a wheat beer, produced by brewmaster Eric Warner using a strain of yeast from Germany's Weihenstephan. "I'm proud to offer Colorado consumers their first taste of the classic flavor and feel of one of Bavaria's most popular beers," Warner said.

Tabernash will follow its wheat beer with two lagers: one a Munich helles/continental pilsener and the other a dark lager.

In addition to brewmaster Warner, who trained at Weihenstephan, the brewery is staffed by Mark Lupa, quality control scientist; George Barela, sales and Jeff Mendel, marketing. Mendel was formerly the director of the Institute for brewing Studies, and branch of the Association of Brewers.

Tabernash Brewing Co is located in the historic Denargo market section of Denver.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 25, 1993
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