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 LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. Department of Labor statistics indicate that about 9 million Americans are currently jobless, and many more will be jobless by the end of 1993. Despite some signs of economic recovery several companies including corporate giants such as Sears, IBM, Boeing, General Motors and United Technologies have recently laid off thousands, just adding to the growing number of unemployed Americans.
 According to two companies, it should be clear by now that it's not only left up to President Clinton, but everyone to help solve some of our country's economic problems, which include the struggle to help create more jobs and income earning alternatives. Everyone has taken the ride that has contributed to our country's economic decay, and it will now take Fair Share Sacrifice, and Fair Share Responsibility from everyone -- individuals and businesses -- to get our country back on the right economic track.
 Jobline USA and Income Earning Alternatives share part of the responsibility and have joined together to help those interested in seeking new employment, business, career, education and training opportunities across the United States. "We will implement various programs aimed at helping to put Americans back to work; starting with a new National Job Information Network," said Susan Gold, spokesperson for both companies. "Our goal for 1993 will be to help put over 1 million Americans back to work. We hope our joint efforts will more effectively help match individuals with the various income earning opportunities that are available across the United States, so that we may successfully accomplish this goal.
 "Jobline USA and Income Earning Alternatives began last year to an overwhelming response," commented Gold. "So overwhelming that many individuals have called complaining that they are having a hard time getting through to the 24-hour jobline because lines are always busy. Both companies have experienced delays in providing telephone and mail information. Ironically, it was to avoid these kind of complaints and perfect our much-needed services that brought about the creation of the National Job Information Network."
 According to research information gathered by both companies, there is currently not a central information source of employment, career, business, education and training opportunities available nationally. "We plan to change that with the National Job Information Network," said Gold. Vice President Gore and the Clinton Administration have also spoken on the need for creating a national information network that would include a job information system.
 Information gathered from individuals and businesses that will help create the National Job Information Network will be taken with mail-in questionnaires sent out per written request. Information questionnaires mailed back to Jobline USA will process the individual or business into the National Job Information Network and provide future information on business, career, employment, education and training opportunities or potential candidates for available opportunities.
 It will take time to properly process information, and create the National Job Information Network. Information processed into the network will be broken down into various categories such as: business, employment, career, education and training opportunities, geographical location, potential income, employment requirements, potential people available in the information network for available opportunities, other qualifications, information, etc. According to Gold, "The creation of the National Job Information Network will be a time priority. Early fall will be our projected time to start moving toward our goals, and consistently providing processed information on employment, career, business, education and training opportunities or potential candidates for available opportunities."
 A similar proposed national information network that would not only include a national job information system, but would link every home, business, lab, classroom and library with various other information, etc., apparently will also be a time priority for the current administration, according to President Clinton's "Putting People First," A National Economic Strategy for America. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown recently indicated that there are plans for investment and development of a National Telecommunications Superhighway, which would carry massive amounts of information. "We're already working toward creating this kind of network, starting with the National Job Information Network," said Gold.
 The National Job Information Network will be the first of its kind, according to research done by both companies. There are a small number of companies that offer good job placement or employment counseling services; some, however, cost up to several hundred dollars. There are also many inadequate job placement companies, which also charge large fees up to several hundred dollars.
 "So many people need jobs and are looking for income earning alternatives that they are willing, all too often, to take chances on many job placement companies that promise a lot but give very little, if anything, in return. Many of these companies charge large advance fees and make blanket guarantees. We've found some of these advance fee requests to range anywhere from $100 to over $500. Most people can't afford these large fees and definitely can't afford for this money to be lost without positive results," commented Gold.
 News sources have reported on some of the thousands of jobless Americans across the country that have been victimized by many of these so-called job placement companies. "A person should never pay any type of large advance fee in the guarantee of a job. These high advance fees are not in the best interest of unemployed individuals, which usually have limited incomes," Gold emphatically stated. Jobline USA and Income Earning Alternatives will be providing information and services with minimal cost and, in most cases, with only the cost of processing, postage and handling.
 According to Gold, "The National Job Information Network for both companies is just the tip of the iceberg." In addition to the National Job Information Network, significant response for information in regard to employment, business, career, education and training opportunities, has also prompted various other projects. One project will be a series of public service information articles entitled "Income Earning Alternatives" that will run in newspapers and magazines across the United States.
 Jobline USA and Income Earning Alternatives move forward together with the National Job Information Network; the first network of its kind that will provide a centralized National Information Network of Employment, Business, Career, Education and Training Opportunities available across the United States. "Our overall goal is for everyone to benefit from the National Job Information Network by adding to our country's economic stimulus and recovery. This is our contribution as a company to our country's economic growth with something we call Fair Share Responsibility," said Gold. President Clinton recently stated it best with the following statement, "More Americans must contribute today, so that we can do better tomorrow."
 Information questionnaires that will process individuals and businesses into the National Job Information Network, are sent to individuals or businesses per written request. Requests should include: Individual and/or business name, address, area code and telephone number along with the following statement: Please forward the National Job Information Network questionnaire form. Forward request along with $1 for postage and handling to: National Job Information Network (NJIN), P.O. Box 20802, Oklahoma City, OK 73156- 0802. Allow 4-6 weeks for response.
 -0- 2/18/93
 /CONTACT: Susan Gold of National Job Information Network, 800-382-5010/

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