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TWISTED SISTER; EVIL SIBLING CAGED FOR BRUTAL MURDER Killer jailed for 23 years after Sharon dies in agony.


THE sister of a disabled woman has been jailed for a minimum of 23 years after being convicted of her brutal murder.

Lynnette Greenop left Sharon Greenop to suffer an agonising death at their home in Ayrshire.

The 46-year-old had multiple rib and neck fractures after a campaign of neglect and abuse.

Her decomposing body lay in the house for weeks as Lynnette carried on "business as usual".

This included Lynette taking Sharon's benefit money.

She even went to a music gig with niece Shayla Greenop, 20.

Sharon's corpse was only found in November 2016 when a next door neighbour reported a foul stench in his home. But, when police turned up, they were told Sharon was "sleeping".

A jury heard how Lynnette, 40, went on to confess to a former neighbour: "Aye, I did it."

Lynnette had denied murder during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow. She effectively blamed Shayla - who had also been accused of the killing.

Lynnette was found guilty, while the jury found Shayla not proven of murder.

Jurors heard Sharon was registered disabled after suffering a spinal injury in 2009.

The mum initially lived at the house in Troon with Shayla, while carers gave daily help to Sharon.

Lynnette, who had stayed elsewhere in Ayrshire, later moved in. A change in Sharon and the state of the house was soon noted.

The mum - described as a friendly woman who enjoyed jigsaws - became "frightened" and "isolated" in her home.

It was claimed the aunt and niece would "side together" against Sharon. Lynnette and Shayla were said to tuck into Chinese takeaways, while Sharon sat with no food.

Lynnette was described in court as an "aggressive, overbearing, confrontational, troublesome individual".

Sharon's other sister Diane Hogg told jurors she became concerned about the mum's "dirty" home. The 43-year-old said: "It was very unclean. There was a lack of food in the house. The washing machine had been broken for six months."

Sharon was finally left in the hands of her sister and daughter after the official carers were stopped.

Lynnette had made bogus complaints as her hold over Sharon tightened.

Sharon and Lynnette's dad told the trial he visited the house in August 2016. Derek Greenop, 72, recalled finding Sharon with a black eye.

She initially claimed to have fallen - but then said: "Lynnette hit me." Asked what he thought when he saw Sharon injured, Derek said: "I felt terrible."

Shayla's former pal Chloe Craig was possibly the last person to see Sharon alive. She first had concerns in early 2016 when she also saw Sharon with a black eye.

She spoke to Shayla who been "thought" Lynnette was pain Judge Lady responsible. Chloe told the jury: "I asked Lynnette: 'Did you do it?' She said yes she did because Shayla won't so she will." She said Lynnette was laughing and "seemed to find it funny".

The final time she visited in September 2016, Chloe recalled Sharon was in bed crying.

Chloe told the jury: "She said she did not want to be there and did not want Lynnette near her."

Prosecutors stated Sharon was assaulted on various occasions between September 8 and November 10, 2016.

It is thought she was bludgeoned by "objects", choked and also had injuries inflicted "by means unknown".

The jury heard she was then left to die in "extreme pain" as no medical help was sought.

A pathologist said Sharon may have lain dead for several weeks - possibly from about mid-October.

Lynnette carried on her normal liife despite the grim reality in the terraced house. She continued to bank Sharon's PS390-a-week benefits cash. Lynnette also had a weekly PS62 carer's allowance.

died what have weeks of and fear.

CARMICHAEL Lynnette and Shayla also went to a concert at the Fanny by Gaslight pub in Kilmarnock. Visitors were steered away from the house. Lynette bought fly spray to try to hide the smell of Sharon's body.

The alarm was eventually raised by neighbour Philip Martin. He had been told by Lynnette that Sharon had "taken to her bed".

It was in October 2016, he first noticed a rancid smell in one of his bedrooms. On November 10, he eventually went to the police.

In court, PC Ryan McIntyre said that when told her sister was dead, Lynette replied: "She's not dead. She's just sleeping."

Lynnette showed no emotion as she was found guilty. Judge Lady Carmichael told her: "Sharon Greenop died after what must have been weeks of pain and fear."

Sharon Greenop died after what must have been weeks of pain and fear. JUDGE LADY CARMICHAEL


HEARTLESS Lynette with her niece Shayla

HAPPIER TIMES Shayla with her mum Sharon Greenop

SCHEMING Lynette, left, buying fly spray to cover up smell coming from Sharon's corpse in the house
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 5, 2018
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