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RE WHAT'S ON AT THEATR CLWYD .NETEAN: One of the rubbish things about living here as opposed to North Wales, is no access to good theatre from @ClwydTweets .VIVLIVES001: Jumpy was excellent. @ClwydTweets .KAY5307: @ClwydTweets We loved Jumpy. Another fab set and super cast.

.KIMKERMIT : Watched Jumpy last night: shocking, funny and totally entertaining. Excellent performances from the cast #Jumpy RE DERREN BROWN MIRACLE AT VENUE CYMRU ._CERIJ_: @ashleyst78 @DerrenBrown @VenueCymru it was incredible. There are still ticks left for tomorrow and Saturday! Go go! .KINGSEVANS: Getting ready to go and watch @DerrenBrown tonight in Llandudno @VenueCymru, been waiting for years to see this man live!

.RAINHILLLAD: @_CeriJ_ @DerrenBrown @VenueCymru It's absolutely brilliant.

.IAMJIIM: Watched #DerrenBrown at #VenueCymru! It was awesome, he's a crazy wizard man!

.JOHNLLOYD5: Wow, head still spinning from last night at VenueCymru with @DerrenBrownTour. Amazing show & that's from a sceptic! #DerrenMiracle .SAMBLYMORON: Thanks for incredible show @DerrenBrown @VenueCymru I gasped with shock/ delight/amazement several times throughout #DerrenMiracle #baffled .SUPERSONICBOOM: Wonderful evening at VenueCymru with @DerrenBrown on his #DerrenMiracle tour. Please book tickets if you haven't so already.

.CAROLJONES24: #DerrenMiracle amazing show tonight @Venue-Cymru. If you haven't booked to see it this week I suggest you do! @DerrenBrown .MANDY_VERMEER: Thanks @DerrenBrown for inviting me up on #stage. Really enjoyed my night! .HOLSTERJONES: Looking forward to watching @Derren-Brown at @VenueCymru this weekend .WILL320: Have been on the front row for @DerrenBrown last 2 shows. Tonight will be no different. Cannot wait! @VenueCymru .THRUGWITCH: @DerrenBrown fantastic show tonight @Venue-Cymru can't wait for the next big stage show. thanks derren for #DerrenMiracle .KELLYPITTS005: @DerrenBrown such an amazing show at VenueCymru Llandudno!! Incredible! What an experience!! Outstanding performance #DerrenMiracle .CONNERCHILDES: Unreal night at Venue Cymru!!! @DerrenBrown was AMAZING!!!

Thank you for leaving me with many questions waiting to be answered



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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Apr 2, 2016
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