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BETSI CADWALADR RAPPED AFTER DOCTOR ASKED PATIENT TO STOP SPEAKING WELSH GWYN WILLIAMS: As long as they were speaking to the Doctor in English, the Doctor had no right to stop them speaking Welsh to each other, it's a disgrace. ROY WOOLMANS: The doctor was trying to glean information to help the young lady. Doc only spoke in frustration. Girl seemed to be expressing symptoms to her mother. Doctor showed concern Why must we be so partisan? DAR HARPER WILLIAMS: I'm not Welsh but I don't find Welsh speakers arrogant. They were giving the doctor the information, in English, that he needed to make a diagnosis. It is their native language. When I go to France and people speak French in my presence, I do not believe that they are arrogant or rude. The same goes in Wales. In choosing to live here, you choose to accept that there are two languages spoken. NIGEL BASTON: if only Welsh speaking Drs were employed, it would reduce the pool of talent from which to choose immensely! Expecting a non-Welsh speaker to learn Welsh to the standard required to follow an emotional conversation between a mother and daughter would surely put off good Drs from rotating though Wales, after all, which is only one part of the UK. Saving the Welsh language should come second to saving the Welsh people.

WALES RESULT @IAN_RUSH9: Nice to wake up an see @FAWales top of the group! @WELSHFOOTBALLT @BROKEN__MONKEY: Brilliant Wales! Great character & a deserved win! @ROBBIESAVAGE8: Fantastic win well done Chris Coleman and his team 7 points from 3 games great start ! #wales COLWYN BAY PIER GERALDINE HUGHES: Well Im sure the next big storm that comes our way will bring it to a natural end. DEBBIE DAY: They should take all those horrible old buildings off it ! It really spoils the new beach area EIRLYS ROBERTS: Why did the council waste all their money on the stupid water thing!!! When all that money could have been invested into the pier and saved a beautiful historic listed building and give colwyn bay the heritage it deserves to encourage the visitors back to the town!!! @SAND_PIP: Why isn't something being done to restore this once beauty of a pier? Used to be so lively until A55 separated town&prom!

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Oct 15, 2014
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