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A FURIOUS HOMEOWNER HAS SAID SHE CAN NO LONGER LET HER GRANDCHILDREN PLAY OUT AFTER OVERFLOWING LITTER BINS LEFT 'A SHOCKING MESS' IN THE LANE BEHIND HER HOUSE. THIS IS WHAT OUR READERS HAD TO SAY: Diane Marie: "The rubbish on Newcastle's West Road is a disgrace!!!! I often travel through the West End and I was appalled to see so much litter and overflowing bins."

Claire MamaBear Pearson: "There is loads of rubbish in those bags that could quite easily have been put in the recycling bin to minimise what was in the rubbish bin. Shocking on the council's part forgetting to collect it all though."

Irene Anne Franciosi: " It's filthy, you all need to ring the council every day till something is done. Bombard them with phone calls."

Colin Mcgeorge: "This is a disgrace. I live in this area and it looks like a landfill site, any council tax reductions?" Keith Arthur Fuxake Bell: "Cowgate shops is a disgrace for litter as well and the tunnel is full of KFC and McDonalds rubbish too."

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2016
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