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AN INTERNET TROLL HAS WALKED FREE FROM COURT AFTER POSTING SICK MESSAGES ABOUT A TYNESIDE TEENAGER WHO DIED AFTER BEING SWEPT OUT TO SEA.Chris Pace "Whilst it's vile what he did, the prisons would be overrun if people like this were locked up. He's got the punishment that fits the crime. Hopefully he'll think twice about posting such vitriol online again."

Cameron Westwood "He should have been given a custodial sentence. This was not just trolling, this was nasty and malicious. Trolling costs lives; there are countless examples of suicides as a direct result of trolling. The word needs to be out there that if you go out of your way, as he had done, to deliberately and maliciously cause emotional distress then this is what will happen to you."

Leona Kate Laird "Everyone that sees the account should just block it, that way they can't see the vile comments. I don't understand why anyone would be so cruel and viscous to speak ill of people who lost their lives!" Kevin Wilkinson "The courts should be able to take computers off people like him. If he posted malicious comments then take his computers so he will think twice next time."

Jack Foley "There was no need, poor lass and her family."

TOP COMMENT Omar Mirza said: "There's so much abuse dished out online that it would send a dangerous precedent if people were banged up for trolling."

Michelle Watson "Well he's obviously been getting away with it too long, although it's probably not the outcome a lot of people wished for. I think community service is a better way of dealing with him. He will think twice next time. He is just a keyboard warrior, the cost of a prison sentence is high."

Michelle Young "Glad to hear he was tracked down and dealt with. It may not be what most would like done with him but at least he's not still at it. It is a mark on his record and maybe he will think twice about being so sick and vile towards people in the future. This shows the nasty trolls out there can no longer run and hide behind their computers."

Deborah Stobbart "Just don't react to the vile person and give him attention. He will go away when he starts getting ignored."

Cath Campbell "He got unpaid work in the community. Put him in prison and it would cost the public hundreds of pounds a week. A warning that if it happens again he would go to prison. It was not nice and he now has a bad reputation. If he really can't stop being nasty then fair play to the courts if they do eventually send him down, though I doubt it would do much to rehabilitate him."

Graham Wilson "Trolls are vile. What do they get out of saying such evil things?"

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 25, 2016
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