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TWEETS & POSTS. Christmas bin collection tweet blunder affects 20,000 people Take a trip to the tip? People have better things to do during the festive period than going to the tip and doing what the refuse collectors and council are obliged and paid to do.

My bin is due to be emptied tomorrow and it will remain on the street until it gets emptied.

This is ridiculous Have the council heard of health and safety? Unemptied bins will promote decay and pests, especially when the food waste is placed in bags on the street.

DarrenSandwell Huddersfield Primark socks: Retailer says plea note from Chinese worker is a hoax after second letter found I have not seen any convincing evidence that these notes are hoaxes. Will someone produce some do you think? What was a definite hoax was the message written in pencil on an egg sold in a Huddersfield grocery shop in 1944, describing an alleged farm worker, asking for men to contact her with a view to marriage, but dated some time in 1936.

Apparently, for an egg putatively eight years old it tasted remarkably fresh. It was thought that a Land Army girl with a good sense of humour was the originator.

RonnieBray huddersfield examiner Fake Aldi vouchers: Supermarket warns Christmas shoppers that 40% off voucher is an internet scam People share such rubbish without checking if it's a hoax Fiona Harrison Wonder how many have turned up at Aldi checkout with these things Pat Peart And look at it! Date written in Americanese and 'rain check' ! Who puts that on a voucher. Duh Gill Harris If it sounds too good to be true it probably is but always best to check hoax checker sites first Paul Taylor Date on voucher is written the American way MM/ DD/YYYY Jill Crowther Sheep comes to mind Stewart Casswell People will share anything.... Verity Quarmby

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 23, 2015
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