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plans to reintroduce lynx to the north east and the rest of the uk have received overwhelming public backing.

Darren Jenkins: "Harmless to humans, but I still wouldn't go anywhere near them."

Michael Crate: "Why is this necessary after 1,300 years without them?" Kerry Marion Hutton: "Aye and how many people are gonna go hunting them."

Nic Burne-Cronshaw: "I'd so love to see them in the wild."

Dee Davison: "But when will the hunters get involved?" Ian Alexander Inman: "Hard to catch prey: Deer. Easy to catch prey: Sheep, calves, other domestic livestock. Result: Farmers poisoning and shooting the lynx back to extinction. Unless you can set up wilderness areas, this isn't going to work."

Danielle Emmerson: "Beautiful creatures."

Magpie Dob: "Why can't we just leave things alone?" Cameron Westwood: "Awesome idea."

Kevin Waters: "I'd rather have wolves back to keep the cat population down! But love the idea anyway."

Ravi Narang: "Great news."

Jonny Tannock: "Beautiful, I think why not give it a go."

Cheryl Allgrove: "How amazing would this be! I'm behind this idea 1,000%."

Trish Liddell: "Beautiful creatures like the deer so let nature take its course."

Rosella Tinn: "It's called evolution! Species come and go. Leave well alone. Things have changed."

Vicky Tinnion: "Don't think I will be taking my son cycling around Kielder if this is the case."

Rick Smith: "It will be good to see these reintroduced."

Leigh Arkle: "Fab to see them reintroducing the native wildlife that we destroyed in the first place."

Carley Jackson: "Fab. Put wildlife back where it belongs. Good idea to reintroduce them back to their natural habitat. Also am sure they are endangered/ protected species so anyone harming or killing them should be prosecuted."

Yagoda Pivac: "My favourite wild cat."

Sally Bedford: "It would be amazing to see one in the wild where it belongs. 100% behind this move."

David Parker: "Brilliant news, amazing creatures and we need to restore our wildlife."

TOP COMMENT Annette Robinson said: "They are beautiful creatures and need to be re-introduced."

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 29, 2015
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