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warnings that dogs would be shot if they strayed onto private land near the marden quarry nature reserve in whitley bay have raised concerns in the community.

Carrie Peterswald: "I don't understand the issue. The farmer is legally entitled to shoot dogs that trespass on to the field. Perhaps the owners will be prompted to better keep their dogs under control as a result of this sign. I speak as someone who lived in the Yorkshire Dales for 15 years and narrowly avoided my lurcher getting shot after it got away from me and got into a field of pregnant ewes. Entirely my fault. I never let it happen again."

Claire Henderson: "No animal should be shot. Sometimes dogs run off and it's not the owner's fault."

Alex Judge: "The farmer is well within his rights - if a dog causes distress to a pregnant animal then it could miscarry."

John Chisholm: "Landowners are legally entitled to shoot dogs on their land under certain circumstances. The law exists to protect the land owner's livestock and livelihood."

Lynne Tate: "Obviously it's there to make people worried so everyone sticks their dogs on leads. I live in the country so have to ensure when coming close to fields with livestock that my dogs are under control. I don't see the problem. It is legal. If it worries people that much, walk your dogs elsewhere."

David Hemsley: "Don't trespass then."

Abi Hill: "If there's a field full of livestock it is, and always has been, the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure their dog is on a lead and won't disturb stock."

Garry Steele: "Bit harsh - maybe fine the owners. It's not the dogs to blame."

Robert Dobson: "Simple answer: keep your dogs on a lead. I'm a dog lover but work with livestock and have seen the damage dogs can do. I'm also a licensed firearms owner and wouldn't think twice about shooting a dog worrying livestock."

Graeme Appleby: "Fair enough. If you've ever seen what dogs can do to sheep you might understand. It's legal and you have been warned."

Andrea Parnell: "I live rurally and my whippet is never off its lead near fields."

Mick Sharp: "I agree that people should keep their dogs on leads in certain environments. But one thing to bear in mind is that this 'farm' now isn't really in the country - it is surrounded by housing estates so there is a great chance that dogs might stray onto the 'farmland'."

Gavin Renner: "They do have the right, it's their land, not yours. Many sheep are killed by dogs and the landowner has to pick up the bill. And yes, I do have dogs - they are not allowed to run free in farmland."

Lisa Blair: "Don't see anything wrong with it."

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2015
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