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TWEETS & POSTS. Fans are seeing the best of us says Huddersfield Town loan striker Grant Holt after win over Nottingham Forest It's quite remarkable how the appointment of Powell has turned things round. Chris Powell was a highly effective full-back, full of energy with an England cap and he has turned that ability into a wonderful display of managerial competence and confidence. I'm very glad we've got him and I hope he stays with us a long time.

TrueTwit Four-car smash on M62 causes delays of up to an hour Am I mistaken or has there been more accidents since the mismanaged motorway came into being.

Before, traffic travelled at various speeds, lorries at their governor speed, middle lane at the speed limit and the boy racers in the outside lane.

Now we have cameras everywhere, limits often at 40mph or 50mph without any noticeable reason, traffic bunches so there are more accidents.

Til Niflheim Should awareness of child sexual exploitation be taught in Kirklees schools? I agree totally that child sexual exploitation signs should be taught in schools - it's a massive problem. A brilliant theatre group travel around schools which do an excellent production called Chelsea's Choice teaching children the facts. Schools have a responsibility to safeguard children just as much as the authorities and teachers are sometimes the ones who spot the signs.

Sharon Bottomley huddersfield examiner Firefighters' strike: 165 calls in first 24 hours of walk outs over bonfire weekend I hope the strike is successful. You all deserve to be treated better than this. Every person hopes they never need your help but by they're glad you're there when/ if they do Carol Hawkins If you don't fight for your existing conditions then we may as well all go and do voluntary work. Don't listen to the drivel about the country having no money. We're one of the richest economies in the world. When the firefighters' pension scheme first started all the contributions were frittered away on building projects and roads. It wasn't invested.

Now that more is going out than going in they're crying the poor tale. Firefighters only want what they signed for. Nothing more.

Andy Flynn

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 4, 2014
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