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A selection of your comments left on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages... LIAM PAYNE'S LEDGE STUNT Joe Griffiths: Maybe his fans should grow up a little. If he dies they'll just move onto another'teenage hearthrob' after about two weeks of endless annoying mourning in public.

Julia Elizabeth Swift: He's my favourite of the bunch, but tut tut Liam... thousands of impressionable youngsters are out there watching everything you do!

Donna Shannon Marie: Give him a break. Maybe it was silly but, jeez.

BUS LANE FINES Beth Henderson: I got a fine and the camera showed three cars behind me. No sign was up to say it was a bus lane. For people who do not travel inner city very often, how on earth is anyone supposed to know? Anthony Lawrence: Stay out of bus lanes. They're there to help commuters who use public transport get to and from work quicker. And help try to keep buses running on time. Motorists who use them deserve the fines. Tommy Tagless Payne: But surely if you break the rules, you can expect to be penalised. Signs are up and aren't hidden or small so it's your own fault.

Wayland Thor Badger: I've just accidentally gone into a bus lane, only way to turn left.

Kevin M Roberts: Why is it a bus lane only? What's so special about buses? They seem to be given every priority and they think they own the roads anyway. Town's becoming a nightmare - where you can and can't go.

Julie Marie Elliott: I got hit twice on same road (two separate places) So unfair!

Steven Milne: If everyone refused to pay the fine what they going to do take all of them thousands of motorists to court? It would take them years!

Daniel Goldie: Got me twice in one minute on the same road.

What's that about? To be fair there's a great big buses only sign on the floor.

TOM ROSS'S LATEST COLUMN Peter Windmill Smivers: One of the reasons fans are staying away from St Andrew's is simply because of the chairman. They should sell up and get out of town.

Craig Cox: In Lambert and Randy we trust. Congratulations to Lambert for signing a Wigan player who is too fat to even get a start in a poor Wigan side. Lambert obviously sees something we don't... like free cream cakes and balti pies.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 16, 2014
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