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TWEETS & POSTS A selection of your comments left on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages SECRET council emails have revealed plans to pave over woodland to make way for a major new PS60m city bypass in Newcastle's outer west. You have been discussing the plans and whether you think the city needs a new bypass.

Amy Leigh Laverick commented: "If it's brought in with phased housing development in those marked areas it might be a good thing. On its own, however, it would just be a large waste of PS60m that could be used to upgrade public transport in the same area, as opposed to cutting three minutes off the journey time from Hexham to Morpeth."

Colin Gilbert said: "I wouldn't have thought this bit of the city was all that bad, as there are already routes there. What the city needs is another bridge."

Steven Green asked: "What I want to know is where is the money coming from? The council are shutting down respite homes for children, shutting libraries, swimming pools, etc."

Nicky Ikin suggested: "Here''s an idea -why don''t councils use the PS60m to go back to weekly bin collections and fixing the roads rather than creating a new one?" @MohammadFa15al tweeted: "Newcastle needs the current roads serviced first."

Shinigami GundamLolli suggested: "Just widen the A1 from Angel Of the North."

TOP COMMENT Mike Smith said: "The A1 bypass was built to relieve congestion on roads in the West End. Now what is effectively being proposed is a bypass to bypass the bypass. In 20 more years congestion on this new bypass is likely to be such that yet another bypass will be needed to bypass the bypass that is bypassing the bypass. The PS60m would be far better spent on relieving the congestion by improving public transport and leaving the wonderful countryside around our city alone for us all to enjoy."

Toontycoon14 asked: "Am I missing something here? The council are going to spend PS30-60 million on a bypass when they are closing down respite homes for children, libraries, swimming pools, Newcastle City Hall, etc? I must have read it wrong..."

Timerman commented: "Transport infrastructure is funded from totally different budgets to respite homes, libraries, etc. It's actually funded mostly by road tax. Bypassing homes and children, etc is more important than trees in a wooded area that not many folk will visit anyway? These Nimby''s need to see that public safety/convenience is more important. What's more I bet the majority of them have a car."

Hadenoughofthelies said: "Without a green belt around Newcastle it would become like most other cities throughout England: an urban sprawl. In my opinion the relatively small size of the city of Newcastle is what makes it unique and a great place to live. There are plenty of areas within the existing green belt that could be developed but brown land is more costly to develop than green land. The North East have no friends in government, no matter what political persuasion. Such measures are motivated by encouraging corporate greed and have no benefit to the city ."
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 7, 2013
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