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TVToday: PICK OF THE DAY HOLBY CITY BBC1, 8pm - Wing and a player.

Byline: by Jane Simon

DONNA'S never going to win the Nobel Prize for dedication. But she has a reason to be distracted tonight, with the arrival of fit new physiotherapist Justin Fuller.

He's played by Ben Richards - better known as Footy Wives' Bruno Milligan - looking just a trifle foolish in a very non-designer white coat.

Even faster on the wards than he was on the pitch, it doesn't take him long to ask Donna out. But even one of her more elderly and infirm patients spots straight off that he's trouble.

And if Donna wants a second opinion, she could always ask Kyla who used to go out with him. (It's a small world the agency nursing game.)

Justin's not the most convincing medic we've ever seen - and neither is the shambling Elliot Hope (Paul Bradley).

He's blissfully immune to Connie's evils as he bends all the rules to get a heart transplant for a patient tonight. If Elliot had a theme tune, it'd be George Michael's (You Gotta Have) Faith. And as he and his wife Gina celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, we start to understand why.


SEXUAL HEALING: Donna, and (inset) Justin
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 21, 2006
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