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1 Who played the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who, from 1982 to 1984? 2 Here's the storyline: Looking forward to Daisha's return from holiday, Oliver is desperate to destroy the New Year photo of him kissing Jac. Name the show.

3 What is the name of the obsessive leader of the Laboratory scientists in Survivors? 4 In which 2008 four-part thriller did Benedict Cumberbatch star as a man whose search for the truth about his brother's death catapulted him into an international conspiracy - and a passionate love affair? 5 In which soap is actor Michael Le Vell a regular? 6 Who played an English priest working in a small Irish parish in Ballykissangel? 7 Who assists six families as they try to realise their dream of quitting the rat race in My Dream Farm? 8 In which year is the US series How I Met Your Mother set ... ? 9 ... And who is main character recounting to his son and daughter the events that led to his meeting their mother? 10 Which celebrity whodunnit was based on a board game invented by Anthony Pratt in 1944? 11 Which comedian who found fame as an impressionist on Copycats was born Robert Nankeville in 1959? 12 Who took over from Bruce Forsyth as host of The Generation Game in 1978? 13 What was the name of Anne Brandon's allotment owning uncle who 'served all through the first world war' in the sitcom I Didn't Know You Cared ... ? 14 ... And who played him? 15 Which adventurer presented The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia? 16 Which Lark Rise to Candleford character is played by Mark Heap ... ? 17 ... And what is the profession of Lark Rise's Robert played by Brendan Coyle? 18 Who presents the series The British Family? 19 In which series does geologist Iain Stewart travel to many of the geological wonders of the world to show us how the Earth has shaped civilisation? 20 What is the name of Ronnie and Roxy's mum in EastEnders? 21 Which Maggie played Harvey Moon's flighty wife, Rita in Shine On Harvey Moon? 22 Which radio station did detective Eddie Shoestring work for as a presenter ... ? 23 ... And what was unusual about his run-down home? 24 Which drama series about a group of upwardly mobile friends in Philadelphia featured long-haired college classics lecturer Gary Shepherd and Princetown graduate and writer Hope Steadman? 25 Who took over from Bruce Forsyth as host of game show You Bet! in 1991? 26 In which year did we first join Loyd Grossman looking Through The Keyhole? 27 Here's the storyline; Ted met up with old flame, Katherine Hillyard, while Billy once again turned to the bottle. Name the 1994 drama series.

28 Which barrister with a brusque down-to-earth manner referred to judges as 'Old Darlings'? 29 Who presents BBC Two's The Review Show? 30 Who plays the pompous presenter Gary Bellamy in comedy series Bellamy's People? Answers: 1 Peter Davison; 2 Holby City; 3 James Whitaker; 4 The Last Enemy; 5 Coronation Street, as Kevin Webster; 6 Stephen Tompkinson; 7 Monty Don; 8 2030; 9 Ted Mosby; 10 Cluedo; 11 Bobby Davro; 12 Larry Grayson; 13 Uncle Mort; 14 Robin Bailey; 15 Rory Stewart; 16 Thomas the postman; 17 Stonemason; 18 Kirsty Young; 19 How Earth Made Us; 20 Glenda; 21 Maggie Steed; 22 Radio West; 23 It was a houseboat; 24 Thirtysomething; 25 Matthew Kelly; 26 1987; 27 September Song; 28 Horace Rumpole; 29 Kirsty Walk; 30 Rhys Thomas.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 30, 2010
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