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TVA nuclear division projects $30 million annual savings with TSW's Curator Electronic Data Management System.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 27, 1995--TSW International, Inc., today announced that the Tennessee Valley Authority's Nuclear Division (TVAN) has acquired TSW's Curator electronic data management system (EDMS), which will enable TVAN to save $30 million a year by eliminating at least 735 databases.

Curator was developed using document-management technology from Identitech, Inc., a provider of imaging, document management and workflow toolkit solutions. The Tennessee Valley Authority supplies electrical power not only statewide, but is one of the largest providers of electrical services nationwide. Utilizing advanced technology for electronic routing and retrieval of procedures, TVAN's new, streamlined process raises employee involvement, cuts administrative red tape, and improves service to customers by reducing cycle time and ensuring regulatory compliance. This change in the approval and distribution of plant procedures already represents a 42% cost reduction and 53% cycle time savings (reduced from 26.5 hours to 12.3 hours for TVAN).

Additionally, the work order process was changed, resulting in multimillion-dollar savings and represents a 33% cost reduction and 41.7% cycle time savings in the initiation, planning, scheduling and performance of maintenance.

"Curator is one of the best document handling systems there is," said Rick Machon, vice president of TVAN's Brown's Ferry Nuclear Station. "This workflow software, combined with the business re-engineering we've undertaken, will help us speed business tasks and processes, thereby improving service while keeping a rein on the cost, to our customers."

"Curator is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to manage their vital information more efficiently," said Christopher R. Lane, president and chief executive officer of TSW. "By improving the way they manage data, organizations are able to better meet their business objectives and ultimately increase their profitability. Curator will enable TVAN to achieve those goals."

TVAN currently uses 756 databases for information management and storage at three sites -- Sequoia, Watts Bar and Brown's Ferry. Under TVAN's plan to switch to the Curator system, all but about 21 of the databases will be eliminated and the information transferred to Curator. The new technology will result in dramatic savings in maintenance fees, Machon said. By the beginning of the 1997 fiscal year on October 1, 1996, TVAN expects Curator to produce a $10 million savings at each of the three facilities.

The Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant is one of the first within the nuclear utility industry to implement a completely integrated electronic work order process that includes electronic approval. Re-engineered preventative and corrective maintenance and procedure processes at Brown's Ferry will be duplicated at all TVAN sites, and conversion of the old paper-based maintenance system to a more efficient system will be achieved.

Curator is a part of TSW's Maintenance Planning and Control (MPAC) asset care solution, which enables organizations to optimize their maintenance and operations budgets. Curator offers imaging for electronic mass storage and display of equipment manuals, engineering drawings, parts catalogs and other documents. It also handles spreadsheet information and word processing documents and manages quality system compliance such as ISO 9000 certification and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Identitech's FYI enterprise document management system offers built-in workflow and intelligent modules. FYI is an open architecture, client/server-based application that supports the scanning, storage, retrieval, sharing, routing, faxing and printing of images, as well as documents of any other data type.

"Our product is not just software technology but a complete program of hands-on support designed to make our partners and customers successful in implementing the latest in information management technology," said Kerry Gilger, president and chief executive officer of Identitech. "By partnering with TSW, we provide TVAN with a uniquely qualified team of seasoned professionals who successfully analyze, plan and implement TVAN's electronic data management system. Our alliance with TSW also provides TVAN with the ability to move forward more productively with their own initiatives, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success."

TVAN has utilized TSW's MPAC system since 1987 to maximize its annual $350 million maintenance budget. The cost-effective system has reduced maintenance and operating costs and increased productivity at TVAN's facilities. It also has helped the agency keep rates stable: TVAN has not raised customer rates for the past nine years. Currently, TVAN's Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant is integrating TSW's Enterprise Maintenance Planning and Control (EMPAC) client/server asset care solutions. Through this integration, TVAN intends to aggressively reduce and maintain production expenses below the nuclear utility industry average. To assist in achieving these corporate goals, TVAN's Brown's Ferry Plant has set aggressive target reductions, the majority of which will be met through radical business process redesign.

TVAN decided to implement Curator after the creation in 1994 of a methods department to redesign all of the agency's procedures. At first, the department planned to use Curator just for work order routing. Then TVAN discovered that Curator meshed with the redesign without making any changes to the product and that its document management capabilities would save TVAN millions of dollars a year.

Identitech, based in Melbourne, Fla., provides imaging, document management and workflow toolkit solutions to business alliance partners, which help organizations manage the flow of paperwork. Identitech provides application program interface (API) toolkits for document management and workflow applications. Its solutions offer storage, retrieval, display, manipulation and routing of all types of data including computer files, scanned documents, photographs, audio tracks, full-motion video and multimedia.

TSW International, with headquarters in Atlanta, develops and markets open, client/server software and support services enabling global clients to utilize asset care as a strategic tool to increase productivity and decrease operating costs on an enterprise-wide basis. TSW, with more than 600 client sites, is the leading provider of best practices asset care solutions for planning and scheduling resources, including personnel, equipment, tools and materials, to optimize the management of maintenance procedures. TSW has offices in Australia, France, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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Date:Nov 27, 1995
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