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TV review: Could the con be off?


Hustle (BBC1)

WE'REnow a few weeks into BBC1's hugely hyped and superslick sting drama and am I the only one thinking it has lost a bit of its sparkle?

After the first couple of dazzling episodes,many of the edgy film techniques which made this series stand out seem to have been dropped,and the relationships between the central characters have been relegated in favour of showy main plots.

While it may have lost some sparkle though,as last night's show proved,Hustle has lost none of its glamour and this week the producers upped the glam quotient by bringing in BBC's number one babe Tamzin Outhwaite.

Long out of EastEnders and more often seen these days in fatigues for Red Cap, Ms Outhwaite looked very much at home in the role of a sexy but bitter divorcee with a taste for dodgy men,and designer handbags.

The scam was to get her money of course -this time through a fake hotel development deal -but when captain con man Mickey started to fall for his ``mark'' (it's Tamzin Outhwaite for goodness sake -what man wouldn't?)and decided he couldn't deceive an innocent woman,he came clean about the whole con and the gang turned their attentions to her clearly bent ex-husband instead.

But as we quickly discovered there's nothinglike a woman scorned and sure enough Tammy's character had the last laugh. On everyone.

Making It At Holby (BBC1)

A FLY-ON-THE-WALLlook at recruitment techniques at BBC Drama, this show revealed how the Beeb's big wigs cast top nursing totty for Casualty's spin-off show.

From first round auditions to workshops, through to our former Brookie producer Mal Young making the final selection, we watched as young wannabes, Jaye Jacobs and Kelly Adams fought off rivals and morphed from anxious drama graduates into sassy staff nurse Donna and mild mannered midwife Mickie.

Screened as part of BBC Talent Week,it did veer towards a congratulatory pat on the back for Auntie for giving new talent a break.

And here we were thinking that they just populated it with other TV shows'cast-offs....

Nip/Tuck (Sky One)

IT'Snot hard to see why this show has been such a big hit in the States and now here. We'vehad everything from self-circumcision through to batwing removal, and this week we had a woman with multi-personality disorder, whose personalities all wanted different types of cosmetic surgery.

It is unmissible nonsense with a moral message -definitely worth going digital for.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 24, 2004
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