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Show is in need of variety Variety Club Awards (ITV)

A ROOM full of celebrities in tuxedos and tables laden with champers is a picture I dread all year round.

Televised awards are simply not good entertainment.

And as we all know from previous gushing get-togethers, celebrities without a script are just mere mortals lost for words.

Hostess Ulrika Jonsson is clearly out to take the Carol Vorderman Appear on Everything award. She stood in her evening dress, adorned by pre-meditated ad libbing which was outshone by her ludicrous ear rings.

Ulrika is still the least important factor of BBC's Shooting Stars simply because, apart from looking good, she has little to offer in the wit department.

She was in good company with many fellow luvvies who lap up these occasions.

Jennifer Saunders' Absolutely Fabulous sketch lampooning such events remains a classic.

But this was for real.

Alan Rickman looked as though he would burst into tears. Ant and Dec didn't and managed to be themselves as did Daniel Radcliffe who, as Harry Potter was, spellbinding. His speech was modest, engaging and gloriously short.

Alastair McGowan went through his increasingly tiring EastEnders repertoire.

Hasn't he Dot Cottoned on that we are getting bored of it?

All credit to the Variety fundraisers who do such sterling work for charities, but do we really need to have every gong gala televised?

Before I go I'd like to say a special 'thank you' to mum and dad without whom this review couldn't possibly have been written.

Because You're Worth It: 100 Years of Make Up (C4) Facelifts From Hell (ITV)

A HISTORY of make-up is hardly my ideal PG Tip but this two-part documentary is no cosmetic exercise. A fascinating look at cover-ups of a very personal nature.

Eddie Izzard and Julian Clary aside, make-up is more than a female necessity.

A colleague desperate to give something up for lent shuddered when I suggested how about "lippy for the next 40 days?". If looks could kill.

The latest in the From Hell series said it all in the title featuring those people who want to put a personal facade on the world instead of believing that if it doesn't come naturally then leave it.

This was a documentary in all its gory and not for the faint-hearted.

On Valentine's's Day there is no better message to the deluded facial improvers that we love the ones we love quite simply because of who they are - warts and all.
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 14, 2002
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