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TV guide: Soap suds.

Byline: Sarah Moolla


It's farewell once again to thicky Ricky. Maybe he's going because he's got competition from Garry as the world's most gormless mechanic, but all the same it's a bit of a shame. After hearing his sister Janine's sick revelations, he decides to escape from her clutches and Albert Square, but not before asking ex-lover Natalie to come with him. Mickey tells Kareena that Tariq thinks he's Dan's kid and Gus and Kelly move in together.

Coronation Street

It's Rita's court appearance and despite the war paint and reinforced hairdo, the poor woman is a nervous wreck. Chesney gives an Oscar-winning performance and when Rita loses her temper while giving evidence, a delighted Cilla starts planning her Florida holiday. Candice and Jason place a newspaper lonely heart ad for Eileen, describing her as middle-aged, acid-tongued and cuddly. Sunita returns and Maya is jealous.


With his cloth cap and miserable ways, Andy is a Mini-Me of his dad Jack, but he loosens up this week with a string of stag-do antics involving Viv's knickers. Meanwhile, Jack celebrates his engagement to Diane, but the party's ruined when her younger sister Val turns up claiming to be fleeing a violent boyfriend.


Debbie stages a protest at Toby's funeral in an attempt to get Ellie to remember the truth. Mandy blames herself for Tony's fling with Ruth. Izzy gets a dog called Mitzy as a child substitute, but Ben hates the mutt and manages to `mislay' it in the park.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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