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TV debate rowdie is jailed for one year.

A member of the audience who behaved violently during a heated live TV debate about women footballers was jailed yesterday for a year. At one point during the show Robert Davy (44) was carried out of the studio by security staff but walked back in and again had to be restrained. Twice the late night Central Weekend Live, broadcast from Nottingham on March 6, had to be blacked out, Nottingham Crown Court heard. Davy of Kimbolton Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, who pleaded guilty to affray, was told by Judge Dudley Bennetts: "This was an exhibition of gratuitous violence of the most public kind on a TV screen." The judge said the programme makers no doubt expected a frank exchange of views and even heated debates. But they did not expect those taking part to lose their self-control. "This is exactly what you did. No doubt in drink you completely lost your self-control." Mr James Hett, prosecuting, said Davy was told by presenter Nicky Campbell he would be shown the red card after making sexist comments about female footballers. Mr Hett said floor manager Mr Stanley Harding asked Davy to leave. Davy pushed him and he fell on to the lap of a woman in the audience. Davy squared up to another member of staff. There was a struggle and both went to the ground. Other security staff intervened. Davy thumped Mr Harding, tried to bite his hands and claw at his face. He suffered a one inch cut near his mouth. Security officer Ms Donna Clark tried to restrain Davy by removing his shoe and was kicked in the chest. She was seen by a doctor and it was feared she had a possible fracture to her sternum. Davy was carried out but got to his feet and walked back on to the studio floor where he again had to be restrained. A number of other members of the audience suffered minor injuries. The court heard Davy had previous convictions for public disorder, possessing an offensive weapon and threatening behaviour. He had served a six-month sentence in 1976. Mr Gregory Butcher, defending, said it was not Davy's intention to cause injury to anyone. In January he had taken part in a show for the same producers and had been invited back for his forthright opinions. He had been seen with two bottles of beer in the entertainment lounge before the show and a can of beer had been taken off him before he went onto the programme. Davy bitterly regretted causing any injury. He worked as a cable operative and was the sole carer for his two children, aged 16 and 18.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 17, 1998
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