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The Little Drummer Girl BBC1, 9pm

Charlie finally works out what the heck is going on - namely that the enigmatic Joseph is a spy called Becker and she is being co-erced into playing a pivotal role in finding the terrorists behind the German bomb. Never, we're sure, imagining those acting skills would be required in such a manner, Charlie's move into the intelligence world is the work of master spy Kurtz, who creates an elaborate plan involving a fictional romance between Charlie and Becker, him playing one of the bombers.

Louis Theroux's Altered States: Love Without Limits BBC2, 9pm

Louis is in Portland, Oregon, a place we are booking plane tickets to immediately knowing that the city's motto is 'Keep Portland Weird'. He's investigating whether monogamous relationships are becoming out-dated (nearly half of marriages end in divorce) and if we should be opening ourselves up to, er, shagging about instead. He meets families practising polyamory and 'ethical non-monogamy' (openly having multiple relationships that aren't just about jiggy-jiggy), which goes one of two ways - spreading love all around, or spreading jealousy and heartbreak.

Sheridan Smith: Coming Home ITV, 9.30pm

ITV's favourite all-singing, all-acting darling is now the focus of her own documentary, revealing all about her personal battles, including her struggle to cope with the death of her father. Heading back to Doncaster for the first time since he passed away, Sheridan - who has come a long way on the road from working men's clubs in Donny to national sweetheart - performs a homecoming gig on the stage where she sang with her folks as a kid.

Doing Money BBC2, 9pm

Slavery is alive and well in modern Britain, as this shocking one-off drama based on a true story shows all too well. It explores the story of a vulnerable young Romanian woman who becomes a victim of human trafficking when she is literally snatched on a London street and sent to Ireland, where she is forced into sex slavery in various brothels. Stars Romanian actress Anca Dumitra.


Harry and Meghan: The First Tour ITV, 9pm

ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship follows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their epic 16-day trip across the South Pacific covering Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, beginning with the Invictus Games in Sydney. We're sure this is just what Meghan felt like doing at this stage in her pregnancy. Not a fat lot of time to rest one's swollen ankles. What are we thinking, pregnant princesses don't do swollen ankles, surely to goodness? B itWht Brexit: What The Nation Really Thinks C4, 8pm What everyone is thinking is that it's all a terrible, horrific shower of a shambles, surely? Channel 4 have asked 20,000 people from every UK constituency for their views, and Krishnan Guru-Murthy gathers together a studio audience in Birmingham to put the results to a group of assembled politicians.


I'll Get This BBC2, 10pm

Five celebs, who would never usually be seen out for a Friday night jalfrezi in each other's company, go out for dinner, slap their bank card down in the middle of the table and risk having to pick up the whole bill. There's revealing games to be played, the winner of each retrieving their card until there is only the one left. The stars around the table this week as food is served and drinks flow are Rylan, Ed Gamble, Carol Vorderman, Ellie Taylor and the social raconteur that is Mr Anton Du Beke.


Grand Designs House Of The Year C4, 9pm

Property porn doesn't get any more pleasurable than this. Kevin McCloud has sought out the most innovative contemporary homes, all of them finalists in the 2018 Royal Institute of British Architects House of the Year. Tonight we see five extraordinary homes, including a modern glass building in Henley, a London townhouse filled with Nicaraguan mahogany, and a stunning Newcastle semi - built unusually by two neighbours working together.

Grand Designs needs a grand host. Hello, Mr McCloud


Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70 BBC1, 9pm

Another day, another royal documentary. Prince Charles is about to turn 70 (his throne will still be as good as new by the time he's done with it at this rate), and film-maker John Bridcut has had exclusive access to him over the past 12 months. He also talks to Camilla, Wills, Kate, Harry and Meghan in an intimate look at the life and loves of the king-in-waiting.


Alone At Home C4, 8pm We always thought leaving your kids home alone would be at best foolish and at worst a calamity of epic proportions. However, if you send round a camera crew it's ay-okay, apparently. This docu experiment sees families leave their kids alone in houses rigged with cameras, monitored by a production team. They live by their own rules, which in our houses would involve being attached to an iPad and eating Nutella for two days solid. In the first show, Natalie and Dan leave their three teenage kids to their own devices. What could possibly go wrong? It's smiles all round!

The Graham Norton Show BBC1, 10.35pm

Sir Ian McKellen, Carey Mulligan (left) and Taron Egerton all take a pew on Graham's sofa to discuss their work, and to be over-shadowed by the infinite charms of Michael Buble, who performs I Only Have Eyes For You from his new album.


The look of love...

Grand Designs needs a grand host. Hello, Mr McCloud

It's smiles all round!
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Date:Nov 4, 2018
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