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THE NEW SCHMOO ITV, 1979 BASICALLY, this was identical to Scooby Doo if, instead of a cowardly dog helping a gang of mystery-loving teenagers, you substituted a nondescript, shape-shifting white seal pup.

What none of these amateur paranormal sleuths seemed to question at any point was why an amorphous blob with the ability to transmogrify at will into such random objects as a tuba, telescope or pogo stick was making the tea and answering the phones back at their ramshackle office in the first place.

Actually, we have no idea what the Schmoo was supposed to be, but he/she/it spent most of the time looking like a cross between a bowling pin crossed with one of the those cardboard receptacles bed-bound hospital patients get given in case they need the toilet during the night.

But the main problem with the Schmoo was that it was so flippin' nice to everyone.

So unequivocally so that, having just caught a gang of crooks red-handed, it probably would have transformed into a flying carpet and spirited them away from the police had they asked politely.

And what good is that exactly when you're trying to fight crime? Probably explains why The New Schmoo was cancelled after just one series though.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 29, 2011
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