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OB and Laurel are generating more electricity these days than the National Grid.

BWhen he's consumed with jealousy after seeing someone else flirt with her, he takes his anger out on a water pipe, gets soaked and eventually he and Laurel wind up kissing. He stays the night, but when Brenda returns and gets wind of the fling, she plans revenge with the aid of her love rival's wallet.

Elsewhere, Robert and Aaron's celebrations are cut short when Adam's cellmate, Syd, holds baby Seb hostage and demands PS100,000.

Cain and Robert beat Syd up, but later Robert receives a live video call from Aaron - who's gagged and bound to a chair.

Priya is frustrated that she can't find a job and has a go at Jai for interfering, Megan finds bruising on Eliza's arms and rushes her to hospital, and Lachlan is concerned that Rebecca is going to see a hypnotherapist.

Could it unlock some incriminating memories? bob is likely to end up in hot water with brenda as he re-ignites his illicit relationship with laurel HOME AND AWAY Channel 5 ASH and the River Boys pursue Robbo to the headland, but the police are close behind. After Tori comes clean to Martin about sheltering Robbo, they split up. Robbo is taken into custody, but avoids implicating the Morgans.

After Dean and Colby discuss their shared history, Thorne's secret past is revealed. And, when Jasmine gets a threatening text from her stalker, the eager copper uses the excuse to have him arrested, pictured.

HOLLYOAKS Channel 4 OH, WHAT a tangled web of lies is spun this week. Joel's carry-on with Cleo looks like it'll end in tears if Sienna finds out. He expresses his undying love for Cleo and says he will come clean to his dad's ex.

However, Sienna suspects he's about to confess and lies that her cancer has spread to avoid his bombshell. Sienna tells Myra Joel is seeing somebody else and she suspects Cleo.

Meanwhile, Leela and Ste are filled with hope when Tegan moves her fingers, but it's quashed again when the doctor reveals she has brain damage. Eventually, Ste's decision to support Ryan over his sisters threatens to tear the Lomaxes apart.

NEIGHBOURS Channel 5 IT LOOKS like Paul is in the clear when Aaron hands in the flash-drive with proof that Robinson was not to blame for the fire that killed Rafael's mother. The scarred Brit (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Corrie's Jason Grimshaw) elects to return home to help the police search for Dakota, bidding David an emotional goodbye.

There's heartbreak for Mishti, pictured, when she has a miscarriage.

CORONATION STREET ITV FOLLOWING Eileen and Phelan's eventful trip last week, there's little wonder the locals are left reeling as the latest revelations hit the cobbles.

Meanwhile, Craig's OCD goes from bad to worse.

While Bethany is shattered by his announcement that Neil Clifton is appealing against his conviction, the young copper shuts himself away inside his flat.

Given his horrific encounter with Josh the other week, it's hardly surprising that David is still a shadow of his former self.

That secret assault has wrecked his love life with Shona, and the oblivious cafe worker tries to understand why her partner is acting so strangely. When Josh strikes up a new friendship, David is understandably wary.

Let's hope we don't have to wait too long before Josh is arrested for his actions, although, this being Corrie, that will probably take months, rather than days.

Sophie applies for a new job, but it's not long before she suffers a setback. And, while Mary suspects Jude is ashamed of her, she and Tracy still decide to spring a surprise on him.

EASTENDERS BBC1 JOINING your girlfriend's family around the dinner table is normally a daunting prospect - especially if her dad happens to be Phil Mitchell. Yet, instead of chasing Louise's boyfriend off with threats of violence, Phil welcomes Hunter with open arms.

Mel is alarmed by this turn of events - and Sharon doesn't seem that happy about the two families mixing, either - but she can't stop Hunter hanging around the Arches or helping out at the club, where he suggests linking the CCTV to Phil's phone.

Is the lad just desperate to gain honorary Mitchell status, or does he have an agenda of his own? Elsewhere, Ted struggles to deal with losing Joyce, and the arrival of his daughter, Judith, does nothing to help the situation.

Kat hopes to sort out the Slaters' finances by starting a cleaning business, and Tina, who clearly hasn't joined the #MeToo movement, advises Billy that the first step to winning back Honey's affections is to get her drunk - but his tipsy ex just flirts with Jack instead.

Tina gives Jack some relationship tips Bethany is upset by news of Neil Clifton


Bob and Laurel share a kiss; while, left, baby Seb is held hostage
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 31, 2018
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