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EMMERDALE STV, 7pm AAAAH, young love it's potent but can make people do very foolish things.

Belle has already shown poor judgment when it comes to her affair with Doctor Bailey. And now the cat's out of the bag, Charity is determined to keep the pair of starcrossed lovers apart, even going as far as to threaten the doc. He then vows he's seen the error of his ways and decides to leave town.

So Belle comes up with a last-ditch attempt to get him to stay - she tells him she's pregnant.

EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm IT'S a bit too close for comfort for Kathy when Ian nearly catches her copping off with new beau Buster. So the pair decide to get away from the Square for some canoodling.

Unfortunately, before they can sneak off, Gavin approaches Kathy and tells her he has his grandson Dennis in the car and she'd better go with him for everyone's sake.

When Buster sees them driving off in the car together, he thinks Kathy's had a change of heart. But Sharon suspects otherwise RIVER CITY BBC1, 8.00pm DREW is astonished to meet his absentee father at long last but Caitlin quickly wants him gone. Meanwhile, Patrick's anger over his abuse resurfaces when he sees Alasdair is also still hanging around town, and Angel's empathy is sorely tested. Elsewhere, Angus's pop-up gig surprise brings Cassie out in stars and stripes.

GEMMA COLLINS: IN THERAPY CH5, 10pm IT'S TOWIE star-turned-jungle quitter Gemma Collins who is taking to the couch to spill her guts.

And there are tears and tough moments for the bubbly blonde boutique owner as she shares her troubles with therapist Mandy Saligari.

taken off in an ambulance and afterwards had to head straight the National Television Awards.

"They put me in the ambulance and this woman is going to me, 'you want to bury your baby? Do you want to sign it over for scientific research?'," she says.

"My mum started crying but I knew I had to go and perform at the National Television Awards.

"I had loads of padding on NATURE THE RHS HAMPTON COURT PALACE FLOWER SHOW BBC2, 9pm THERE is nothing quite like a British garden in the height of summertime. Although to be fair the examples of horticultural excellence here are not your average garden.

Nope, these beauties are the absolute pinnacle of perfection.

Well, they wouldn't make it into the prestigious RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show if they weren't. It's only the very best of the best that get to display here. And in the first of three programmes on this week, Gardeners' World regulars Monty Don and Joe Swift take a first look at the show gardens and see which designers and styles have made the biggest impact.

Rachel de Thame explores the famous Festival of Roses and Carol Klein will be surrounded by colour in the floral marquee as she shows us some of the stand-out floral exhibits.

James Wong meets the head gardener at Canterbury Cathedral, who is bringing his Japanese grass collection to the show.

And Mark Lane shares the tips and ideas he's picked up at Hampton so far, such as the city gardens and flower boxes, which show just what can be done even in a small space.

LIFE STRIPPED BARE CH4, 9pm "IMAGINE no possessions, I wonder if you can." Sounds like whoever came up with the idea for this new documentary was listening to John Lennon.

But while it might sound like a nice idea, how practical is it? The average Brit owns 1000 items and checks their phone 200 times a day.

So would it be possible to get rid of all our stuff and still live life? And we're not talking a "disappear to a remote forest, build a shelter out of leaves and forage for berries" scenario.

the We're talking living your normal life in 2016 Britain - work, relationships, social lives. The members of three households have volunteered to have every single one of their possessions stripped away for three weeks and put into storage.

Everything - even their clothes. And they cannot borrow anything. Every day they're allowed to choose one item to get back. So tough decisions will have to be made about what really matters most.

The brave or foolhardy souls are twentysomethings Tom, Andrew and Georgia, who live in Cardiff and are dedicated socialisers.

Then there's Jon and Laura, from Manchester, 30-year-old photographers with a fair bit of cash, a nice Mercedes and all the latest flashy gadgets.

And fashion designer Heidi, from East London, who lives her life on social media.

Over three episodes, we'll see how they cope as everything is taken away and they adjust to not being reliant on any "stuff ". Considering that when we leave our mobile phone at home for just one day it feels like we've lost a limb, we say rather them than us.

But perhaps having nothing will help them discover what really makes them happy.

Rid of all bare necessities
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Date:Jul 5, 2016
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