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1 What was the name CBBC's aardvark presenter?

2 Who links the comedy series Love Hurts and My Family?

3 What was Jonathan Creek's job?

4 Which Corrie character was stabbed to death outside a nightclub?

5 Who was Ally McCoist's chat show presenting partner?

6 Jane, Jiffy and Bonzo all used their imagination in which kids' show?

7 Frankie Laine had a big hit with the theme from which 1960s western series?

8 In Emmerdale, what was Seth Armstrong's job?

9 What sort of shop did ARP Warden Hodges own in Dad's army?

10 Which Richard Madeley game show had rounds that included Departure Board and Dirty Tricks?

11 Who, so far, has been the youngest Blue Peter presenter?

12 How were East Enders Lou Beale and Pauline Fowler related?

13 Which Rising Damp character was played by Frances DeLa Tour?

14 In which year did Grange Hill begin?

15 Who drove around in a car called The General Lee?

16 Which former Blue Peter presenter hosted Football Fever?

17 The second series of Blackadder was set at the turn of which centuries?

18 What did Paul Robinson have amputated after a fall in Neighbours?

19 Which series starred Tim Healy as an English detective working with an Australian partner?

20 What was Chippy Minton's profession in Trumpton?

21 Ben Hull played which tragic Hollyoaks character?

22 Which short-lived series was supposed to replace The Big Breakfast?

23 Who played journalist Harry Salter in Harry?

24 Porkpie was a spinoff of which hit Channel 4 comedy?

25 Which country did The Henderson Kids come from?

26 What was the prison called in Bad Girls?

27 Who was the first chef to run Hell's Kitchen?

28 What links Blush, MODE, DirtNow and SugarApe?

29 How was Brookside's Timothy O'Leary more commonly known?

30 In which horticultural makeover show do participants answer multiple choice questions?


1 Otis 2 Zoe Wanamaker 3 He created illusions for a stage magician 4 Brian Tilsley 5 Fred McCauley 6 Let's Pretend 7 Rawhide 8 Gamekeeper 9 A greengrocer's 10 Runway 11 Yvette Fielding, at 18 years old 12 They were mother and daughter 13 Miss Ruth Jones 14 1978 15 The Dukes of Hazzard 16 Katy Hill 17 The sixteenth to the seventeenth 18 His right leg 19 Boys From the Bush 20 A carpenter 21 Lewis Richardson 22 RI:SE 23 Michael Elphick 24 Desmond's 25 Australia 26 HMP Larkhall 27 Gordon Ramsay 28 They're all fictional magazines 29 Tinhead 30 Garden Invaders
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 6, 2007
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