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TV Quiz.

Byline: IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARY He wriHtees wabroituets taeblloyu...t wteelelyk..l.y... weekly

Over at Gregg Wallace's Grand Christmas Adventure on Channel 5 Gregg claimed "At Christmas, for millions of Brits there's only one place to be."

Is it: A) The Covid booster queue. B) The SCS sale.

C) Lapland. D) Slumped in front of the telly yelling "Why is the Christmas TV so rubbish?!"

Gregg's answer was C, but I'll give you a point for any of the others.

In fact, having seen the schedules, I'll give you two points for D.

Thing Most Likely To Make You Say... 'The worst of all deceptions is selfdeception' * Of The Week.

Hearing Ant & Dec call I'm A Celebrity 2021 "a truly unforgettable year". *Yes, that quote is from Plato. And yes, I did just find it on the internet.

Richard Madeley on being chosen for the trials on I'm a Celebrity: "Have I been picked because everybody hates me and people want to see me suffer?" Dunno, Dickie. But let's be charitable and say there's a chance it was only one of those two reasons.

Question re Good Morning Britain's One Million Minutes campaign. Why didn't they just ask Andi Peters to donate the minutes he would otherwise spend plugging his big money phone competitions?

One, they'd have reached their million target instantly. And two, what a far greater public service that would've been.

Clarification. The Christmas Sweater is the title of the great new festive song you may see Michael Buble crooning on telly this weekend.

Not the nickname the Royal WhatsApp group has given Prince Andrew as he waits for the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict to come in.

Channel 4's The Dog House at Christmas discussed how pooches might be able to tell that it's Christmas. Because they suddenly start getting blamed for even more farts?

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Title Annotation:News; Teasers
Author:IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARY He wriHtees wabroituets taeblloyu...t wteelelyk..l.y... weekly
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 17, 2021
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