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Answers 1 In which ITV game show do contestants try to withdraw life-changing sums of money from cash machines? 2 Which doctor in Casualty is played by Sunetra Sarker? 3 Which Corrie character once abandoned by her mother Cilla is played by Jennie McAlpine? 4 In which sitcom does Sarah Lancashire play Esther, a full-time mum to three teens, and a member of the local choir, conducted by her estranged husband Michael ... ? 5 ... And who plays her husband Michael? 6 Which US series revolves around the exploits of the executives and wives of Sterling Cooper? 7 In which reality series do families struggle to get to grips with survival on a desert island? 8 What was the name of the supermarket run by Reg Holdsworth in Coronation Street? 9 Which Kim, who found TV fame in the 80s as Jacko's girlfriend Lesley in sitcom Brush Strokes, plays the mysterious Kaye in Emmerdale? 10 Which star of film The Damned United played Dr Selena Donovan in Casualty until being killed off in 2007? 11 What is the name of Paul O'Grady's canine co-host? 12 Which narrator of Gossip Girl plays Elle in Heroes? 13 Which star of Numb3rs played cab driver Alex Reiger in all 114 episodes of 80s US sitcom Taxi? 14 In which series did a character called Monica decide that lesbianism wasn't for her, leaving her former partner Norma Starkey without a lover? 15 Which ghoulish character in The Munsters was played by Fred Gwynne? 16 What did hard-working hypochondriac Felix do for a living in The Odd Couple ... ? 17 ... And his sloppy flat-mate Oscar was a sport writer for which New York newspaper? 18 Which actor plays a self-styled prophet of doom who demands seven virgins from the local community in the 1993 drama Mr Wroe's Virgins? 19 Who plays a man whose life falls apart after he discovers that his wife slept with his late best friend in the comedy Mutual Friends? 20 Who plays Friar Tuck in the 2009 series of Robin Hood? 21 Which member of Spandau Ballet provided the theme music for 80s show The Late, Late Breakfast Show? 22 Jack Frost was Detective Inspector of which fictitious police force? 1 The Colour of Money; 2 Zoe Hanna; 3 Fiz Brown; 4 All The Small Things; 5 Neil Pearson; 6 Mad Men; 7 The Real Swiss Family Robinson; 8 Betterbuys; 9 Kim Thompson; 10 Elizabeth Carling; 11 Buster; 12 Kristen Bell; 13 Judd Hirsch; 14 Shameless; 15 Herman Munster; 16 Photographer; 17 New York Herald; 18 Jonathan Pryce; 19 Marc Warren; 20 David Harewood; 21 Gary Kemp 22 Denton police..
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 11, 2009
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