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TV Objects delivers essential enterprise solution for migrating visual basic applications to Java.

PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 3, 1997--

Applet Designer Enterprise Provides a Comprehensive Solution for

Converting Visual Basic Applications to 100 Percent

Pure Java Source Code

TV Objects Corp., an innovative provider of Internet-enabling development tools, today announced the general availability of Applet Designer Enterprise edition -- a revolutionary Visual Basic add-in that automatically generates Java-based applications/applets from existing Visual Basic programs.

According to TV Objects Corp., rapid market acceptance of Java as the platform of choice for developing cross-platform applications across the Internet and corporate intranets is forcing Visual Basic development organizations to evaluate and search for solutions to migrate existing Visual Basic applications to Java-enabled environments.

"With Applet Designer Enterprise, the industry has an immediate solution," says Andy Goren, president, TV Objects. "Organizations worldwide can now easily and cost effectively migrate Visual Basic applications to Java and immediately gain enhanced security and universal database access for their VB applications, eliminate the scalability problems inherent with Visual Basic and lower the cost of application deployment and maintenance."

Applet Designer Enterprise is the third and most powerful edition in the unique Applet Designer product suite specifically designed for Visual Basic organizations who have decided to migrate their VB applications to Java.

"The economic benefit of moving to a platform-independent system while simultaneously gaining Internet/intranet accessibility and a multitiered deployment architecture should add up to a substantial argument in favor of the move," says Jeff Kinz, International Data Corp. "TV Objects' Applet Designer Enterprise edition allows VB developers to migrate their applications to the Java platform(s) with relative ease."

Applet Designer Enterprise installs with Sun's JDK 1.1, Asymetrix's JADO (a 100 percent Pure Java implementation of the Active Data Objects interface specification), and OpenLink's client-side Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers and server-side middleware.

Key Features

Applet Designer Enterprise edition:

-- Generates 100 percent Pure Java source and byte code -- Migrates entire Visual Basic (4.0 and 5.0) applications to Java -- Creates Web-enabled applets from Visual Basic code - allowing

existing VB applications to run within a browser -- Migrates Visual Basic Forms, Modules and Classes, and all VB data

types, including Variant and Object to Java -- Adds Java database support (JDBC), facilitating the creation of

Java applications/applets that can access data on DB2, Oracle,

Sybase, SQL Server and other database servers -- Migrates Visual Basic applications to a three-tier Java

application/applet, providing light client configurations while

offloading network and database traffic -- Converts Visual Basic ActiveXs to pure Java objects -- Converts 18 Visual Basic controls, including MSGrid, Menu, Timer

and CommonDialog -- Allows debugging of Java applications within Visual Basic or any

Java IDE (Asymetrix SuperCede, J++, Symantec VisualCafe and

others) -- Enhances developers' understanding of constructing Java

applications and applets -- Migrates Visual Basic distributed objects via JavaRMI (Remote

Methods Invocation) -- Integrates seamlessly within the Visual Basic environment

Pricing and Availability

Currently shipping, Applet Designer Enterprise is priced at $997 and runs on Windows 95 and/or Windows NT 4.0 and above. For a free trial of Applet Designer Enterprise, or for more information on TV Objects Corp., visit the company's Web site at .

Founded in 1996, TV Objects Corp. develops, markets and supports innovative software tools and enabling technologies for corporations developing Internet/intranet applications. The company's mission is to provide powerful, easy to use solutions that allow developers and organizations to take advantage of advanced technologies. Headquartered in Princeton, N.J., TV Objects markets and sells its products through direct and indirect channels throughout North America. TV Objects' international sales are managed by Soft/Export via their network of distributors. TV Objects can be reached at (609) 514-1444, via fax at (609) 514-1004, or on the Web at . -0-

TV Objects, Applet Designer, Applet Designer Standard, Applet Designer Professional and Applet Designer Enterprise are trademarks of TV Objects Corp. All other products referenced herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

CONTACT: TV Objects Corp.

Barbara Bogart

(609) 514-1444


Sheroff & Associates

Christine Sheroff

(508) 435-3306
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 3, 1997
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