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TV Nesbitt is sorry for 'fruits' jibe.

ULSTER actor James Nesbitt made a huge gay gaffe on the Jonathan Ross show prompting a back stage apology, The People can reveal.

The Murphy's Law star stunned chat show king Ross and his houseband Four Poofs and a Piano when he branded the camp singing troupe as 'fruits'.

Nesbitt, who quickly realised the slip-up on the Friday night show, tried to explain that 'fruits is a term of endearment in Northern Ireland'.

But insiders say that the 40-year-old Ulster star made a swift apology when he met the guys backstage.

"They were laughing about it but Jimmy was mortified by what he said.

"The word fruits just slipped out and the whole studio went quiet.

"Jonathan Ross didn't know where to look but Jimmy spoke to the guys after the show and they took it well."


GAFFE: Jimmy Nesbitt
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 19, 2005
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