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TV Kate braves sniper risk to help gun victim.

VETERAN war reporter Kate Adie comforted a young Albanian shot in the centre of Pristina yesterday.

Her BBC TV unit was driving past when he took a sniper's bullet.

Kate jumped out and held him while a BBC medic gave him field emergency treatment and hooked up a drip to his arm.

She said: "We turned him over to check whether the bullet had exited from the back but in fact it was still lodged inside him."

She tried to soothe him but he kept screaming and would not be calmed by her assurances that he would get hospital care for his stomach wound.

When the ambulance arrived the 29-year-old Albanian grew terrified and held her hand even tighter. Kate said: "He refused to let go so we had to go to the hospital with him."

There she discovered the reason for his fear - all the doctors are Serbs.

She said: "They seemed totally indifferent to his plight, they weren't interested in the slightest."

The BBC contacted the Parachute regiment who sent their own doctor to the hospital, under armed escort, to ensure that he was given proper treatment. His condition was last night "critical but stable".

The injured man, named as Hamdi Ahmeti, was shot in a car with a registration plate from the Serbian city of Nis. The sniper may be an Albanian who mistook him for a Serb.

Snipers active in Pristina are keeping tension high in the city.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 18, 1999
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