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TV HITS ROCK BOTTOM; Big Breakfast girl Jenny is fondled on a double bed.

EX-PLAYBOY model Jenny McCarthy yesterday turned Channel 4's Big Breakfast into an adults- only show.

She cavorted with guest Vinny Jones, struck a series of suggestive poses and let rip with a string of smutty comments.

At 8.30am - as children watched before setting off for school - McCarthy blindfolded Jones and asked him to feel a selection of balls and guess which US sport they were associated with.

But she began the tacky "Squeeze My Balls" contest - carried out on a double bed - by turning around on all fours and placing Jones' hand on her buttocks.

The bemused footballer-turned-actor guessed: "It feels like a shoulder."

Shocked studio staff watched as she stuffed a softball down the front of her dress and invited Jones to have a feel.

Then when he was unable to name the ice hockey puck she was holding, McCarthy blurted out: "That was my diaphragm."

One onlooker said: "Everybody knows Jenny is extraordinary and says exactly what she thinks.

"But for breaksfast TV she went over the top.

"Young children watch the show before going to school and this kind of behaviour is unacceptable."

Dr Margaret White, of Family and Youth Concern, said: "The type of people who thrive on these smutty performances are usually sexually inadequate themselves.

"It is sickening this type of show should be broadcast in the early morning and we really need an investigation into what is going wrong with breakfast television.

"There is no place for this disgraceful smut on our screens, especially at this time of day.

"It is sad enough to think of people watching this material late at night. It makes me sick to think young children were exposed to it before school."

MTV star McCarthy is one of the Big Breakfast guest presenters holding the fort until former model Kelly Brook, 18, takes over from Denise Van Outen next month.

And last night, the show's bosses defended her raunchy performance.

A spokesman said: "The Big Breakfast is a fast- moving live show. Jenny McCarthy's performance within this criteria has been stunning and we see no areas where she has let us or the public down this week."

Yesterday's Record told how daytime TV viewers got a shock when a man dropped his trousers live on air to be examined for testicular cancer.

Richard and Judy's This Morning show on ITV paid a male model pounds 100 to bare all on screen.
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Author:Smith, Steve
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 21, 1999
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