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TV Guide: Soap suds.

Byline: Sarah Moolla

Coronation Street

Tommy and Angela are settling down to a romantic anniversary meal when Katie arrives with the unwelcome news of her bun in the oven (right). Maria and Tyrone are engaged, but it's obvious her heart isn't in it. Gail tells Sally her new-found wealth is thanks to the oldest profession in the world - she's a whore! Charlie explodes when he catches Shelley eating, but then breaks down and claims that his anger is because his brother was a drug addict. Sounds like more manipulative lies being peddled, but Shelley swallows it.


Zoe's feeling unwell (right) on her 21st birthday, but it isn't just the revolting aftermath of sleeping with dirty old man Den - she's actually pregnant. Chrissie collars her and insists she has an abortion. Paul may be laid to rest this week, but murderous secrets are uncovered when Sam tells Anthony the truth about his brother's death. Johnny Allen's back, to Pat's surprise.


There's a ghostly, ghastly shock in store for Turner at Shelly's funeral. Chloe fakes a fall (right) so she can let slip to Tom about her fake pregnancy. He advises a reluctant Carl to stand by her. Chas brings shame to the delinquent Dingles when she brings home copper boyfriend Denzel. Ashley asks a suitably thrilled Laurel to marry him.


Frankie is shocked that Johnno wants a divorce (right). Ali is sworn to secrecy about Nathan's dad, but can't resist blabbing to Justin. Mandy returns, but Gnosh is closed and Tony's gone.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 30, 2005
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