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Byline: Sarah Moolla

Coronation Street

It's a crying shame we have to say goodbye to grabbing granny Bev (right). She's forced to leave when Shelley believes cheating Charlie, who denies sleeping with Bev and insists the hussy mum is a fantasist. Leanne's return has Gail gnashing her teeth, but Nick is flexing his pecs revealing there's still a spark between the exes. Dev pretends to Maya his test results were clear, but tells Sunita otherwise.


Kat suggests her and Alfie (right) for some counselling and, just when he's about to agree, Andy sticks the boot in again, causing Alfie to wobble off in distress. Dot's put out by Fowler scenes of domestic bliss. Chrissie thinks she's caught Den doing the dirty and goes on the attack. A ridiculous loss of a good character when Kelly leaves to become a club rep (see feature, page 26).


Debbie tries to get Ethan hot under the dog collar and Ashley warns him about the dangers of the teen's infatuation. Scott's attempts to seduce Zoe with champagne and chocolate fail - a drug and booze induced state like last time would work better. Simple Sam accidentally knocks down Edna (above) and then does a runner.


Ellie's still moaning her family won't forgive her (right) for the small matter of covering up for her murdering dead hubby and causing her brother to be locked up. Mandy turns vicious when she humiliates and then lashes out at Tony. Darren's disappointed to learn Scott wasn't burnt to a crisp.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2004
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