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TV Choice: Secret History Channel 4, 9pm.

Magician Joseph Maskelyne is one of the unsung heroes of the Second World War, yet his is a fascinating and wacky story nevertheless. In the 30s, he was a well-known inventor, illusionist and entertainer - so the idea of enlisting him to fight the Nazis seems slightly off-the-wall, to put it mildly. But he played an important role in the war effort, and his life story is to be made into a film starring Tom Cruise. Using his talent for sleight of hand, he and his 'magic gang' created a series of illusions to confuse the enemy, including platoons of dummy tanks, and a fake harbour to draw attention away from the real target. Magician Paul Zenon and a plethora of military experts and historians contribute.
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Date:Jun 27, 2002
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