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WARTIME FARM BBC2, 8pm Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langland and Peter Ginn know a thing or two about the days of yore. Having already proved their credentials and work ethic on Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm, here they re-create British rural life during the Second World War. While there have been some advances which should make their lives that bit easier, they have many other problems with which to contend - including the strict wartime restrictions placed on farmers by the government.

HOME AND AWAY Channel 5, 6pm Ever since the Braxtons sauntered into the Bay, they've been nothing but trouble. Until recently, that is. In all fairness, they, even Heath, have managed to turn their lives around and start afresh. But just when things were on the up, Danny Braxton turned up and put a very large, agitated cat among the pigeons. Casey, though, has finally worked out what his father is really like, and is now worried about Brax and the drug deal he suspects his brother is taking part in to pay Danny off. Meanwhile, Danny does a little detective work of his own and learning of Ruby's payout after her mother's death, takes steps to get her onside. Elsewhere, Alf's concerned about Lottie being caught in the middle of her parents' feud, but he doesn't know the half of it. Mel threatens to expose the truth about Ben's death, but when Roo hears of it - that Harvey was drunk when their son died in the boating accident - she couldn't be more supportive of her partner.

THE AUDIENCE Channel 4, 9pm Wouldn't our lives be so much easier if we had our own personal agony aunt on-call 24 hours a day? Apparently, the leading lights at Channel 4 thought as much, but they can go one better than offering up just one agony aunt - they've pulled together 50. In this series, people with genuine dilemmas turn to The Audience for help. First off, we meet Ian Wainwright, who's struggling to decide whether to continue running the family dairy farm, or start a new life somewhere else.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 13, 2012
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