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DCI DCI BANK BANKS IT ITV, V, 9pm 9pm Ne New series. series. The The crime crime drama drama starring starring Stephen Stephen T| Tompkinson mpkinson returns returns with with the the first f| tof of a two-part two-part story. story. When When the the detectiv detective suffers fers a personal personal los loss, s, he's 's for force ced to to na navigate vigate a comple mplex murder murder case case while while grieving. ving. A y| young ung Estonian Estonian woman Woman's has been been found found dead, dead, with with the the evidenc idence suggesting suggesting she she wa was Buried Buried aliv alive. e. Piecing Piecing together together her her mov movements, ements, the the team unc uncov overs ers a dark world of of prostitution prostitution and and drugs, drugs, and and inv investigates estigates her her co connection nnection to to a single single father, father, his his autistic autistic son, son, and and a family family who who seem seem to to ha have ve silenc silenced ed the the town. wn. Also Also starring starring Andrea Andrea Lowe, we, Caroline Caroline Catz, Catz, Jack Jack Deam, Deam, Danny Danny Rahim, him, Ke Keith ith Barron, Barron, Po Polly lly Hemingw Hemingway ay and and Badria Badria Timimi. Timimi.

DCI BANKS ITV, 9pm New series. The crime drama starring Stephen | Tompkinson returns with the f| tof a two-part story. When the detective suffers a personal loss, he's forced to navigate a complex murder case while grieving. | young Estonian Woman's been found dead, with the evidence suggesting she's Buried alive. Piecing together her movements, the team uncovers a dark world of prostitution and drugs, and investigates her connection to a single father, his autistic son, and a family who seem to have silenced the town. Also starring Andrea Lowe, Caroline Catz, Jack Deam, Danny Rahim, Keith Barron, Polly Hemingway and Badria Timimi.

THE THE GREA GREAT GREA COMIC MIC RELIEF RELIEF BAKE BAKE OFF OFF BBC1 BBC1, 8pm 8pm Ed Ed Byrne hosts the the final final | Edition., | Edition., joined joined by by four four more more well-kno well-known wn fac faces es hoping hoping to to inspire inspire people people to get get baking baking for for Comic mic Re RELIEF lief.

THE GREAT COMIC RELIEF BAKE OFF BBC1, 8pm Ed Byrne hosts the final | Edition., joined by four more well-known faces hoping to inspire people to get baking for Comic RELIEF. Comedian and actress Victoria Wood, former RADIO 1 DJ Chris Moyles, model and TV presenter Alexa Chung and Asylum star Kayvan Novak are the hopefuls, who will be tackling a traybake, crumpets anDave.getable cake.

Comedian median and and actres actress Victoria Victoria Wo Wood, od, former former Radio dio 1 DJ DJ Chris Chris Mo Moyles, yles, model model and and TV TV presenter presenter Ale Alexa xa Chung Chung and and Asylum Asylum star star Ka Kayv yvan an Nov Novak ak are are the the hopefuls, hopefuls, who who will will be be tackling tackling a tra traybak ybake, e, crumpets crumpets and anDave. vegetable getable cak cake. e.

THREE THREE FUGITIVES FUGITIVES BBC1 BBC1, 12 12.1 .15am 5am A bank bank robber robber resolv resolves es to to go go straight straight af after ter his his release release from from prison. prison. Ho Howe weve ver, r, on on his his first first da day of of freedom, freedom, he he ends ends up up as as an an innocent ent by bystander stander during during a heist. heist. When When the the co cops ps as assume sume he is is the the brains brains of of the THE OPeration, operation, he is is forc forced ed to to go go on on the the run run with with the the bungling bungling real real culprit, culprit, who who is is only only trying trying to to pa pay for for medical medical treatment treatment for for his his daughter. daughter. Co Comedy, medy, with with Nick Nick Nolte, Nolte, Martin Martin Short, Short, James James Earl Earl Jones, Jones, Sarah Sarah Rowland wland Dorof Doroff, f, Al Alan an Ruck, Ruck, Ke Kenneth nneth McMillan, McMillan, David vid Arnott, Arnott, Bruc Bruce McGill McGill and and Lee Lee Garlington. Garlington.

THREE FUGITIVES BBC1, 12.15am A bank robber resolves to go straight after his release from prison. However, on his first day of freedom, he ends up as an innocent bystander during a heist. When the cops assume heist.he brains of THE OPeration, he is forced to go on the run with the bungling real culprit, who is only trying to pay for medical treatment for his daughter. Comedy, with Nick Nolte, Martin Short, James Earl Jones, Sarah Rowland Doroff, Alan Ruck, Kenneth McMillan, David Arnott, Bruce McGill and Lee Garlington.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 4, 2015
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