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THE RAILWAY: FIRST GREAT WESTERN Channel 5, 8pm If you're standing on a station platform, wondering why your train has failed to turn up, it's easy to get frustrated. But watching this series may just have given you a new respect for the staff who have to handle your complaints. In this latest edition, we meet the First Great Western employees who need to come up with a polite answer to queries including 'Will it be raining next Tuesday?' While they may not be able to predict the weather, they do need to anticipate days when there will be greater demand, which is why this week, extra staff, more trains and a new queuing system have all be laid on to cope with the Dawlish Air Show.

MAYHEM & MISHAPS: BRITAIN CAUGHT ON CAMERA BBC1, 9pm Forget all those complaints about Health and Safety getting out of control - this documentary could just convince you that you need to get an expert in to risk assess your house. Mark "Chappers" Chapman takes a break from Match of the Day 2 to look at some of the calamities that could befall us as we go about our everyday lives.

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL Channel 4, 1.20pm An alien ambassador lands his spaceship in America and warns humanity that Earth risks imminent destruction by an interplanetary alliance unless it abandons its warlike ways - and is promptly shot by the military. The wounded visitor is forced to live among humans, but his powerful robot servant is poised to punish mankind for its aggression. Sci-fi drama, with Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal and Hugh Marlowe.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 3, 2013
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