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THE MEN WHO MADE US THIN BBC2, 9pm As obesity increases dramatically WorldWide, it makes sense that the diet business is also thriving. But does the industry really have the ansWer to the problem? In this fourpart series, journalist Jacques Peretti investigates the links betWeen obesity and Weight loss and confronts some of the people making a fortune from the desire of others to be thin. He begins by examining the reasons Why, despite the fact that so many of our diets fail in the long term, We still persevere With them. It's a quest that takes him to the US, Where he talks to industry leaders and insiders, discovering some of its secrets and the level of fortune it creates.

THE FIELD OF BLOOD BBC1, 9pm The first series of The Field of Blood Was a success in 2011, so it's a surprise that it's taken so long for a folloW-up to appear. Most of the cast are back, augmented by Katherine Kelly as Maloney, the editor-in-chief sent to transform the struggling Daily NeWs' fortunes. She could hit pay dirt immediately When Paddy, Who has noW landed her dream job in the busy neWsroom, and reporter McVie accidentally find a story that turns out to be red hot.

FINAL ANALYSIS BBC1, 11.35pm A psychiatrist treats a Woman Who is repressing traumatic memories. He meets his patient's sister in the hope of learning more about their troubled childhood, but they end up having an affair. The shrink later learns his lover is married to a psychopathic gangster, and is draWn into a murderous plot. Thriller, directed by Phil Joanou, starring Richard Gere, Kim Basinger and Uma Thurman. Eric Roberts, Paul Guilfoyle, Keith David, Robert Harper and Agustin Rodriguez also star.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 8, 2013

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