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BLANKETY BLANK: This could've become just another tired and dated gameshow but Lily Savage's size 12 stilettos give the show extra spike. She may not be everybody's cup of tea, but if you're partial to a hot mug of sulphuric acid laced with peroxide, Lily's just the tonic. This week, dressed in a leopard-skin cloak (cruelty without beauty), she claims to be the only starlet who hasn't done it with panellist Darren Day. Also guessing the blanks are Denise Welch and husband Tim Healy and Page 3 stunna Gayle Tuesday, who reveals that Lily keeps a battery-operated flask in her bathroom. Well, that's what Lily claims it is. ITV, Sunday, 7pm


I LOVE 1983: I don't. I hate 1983. Boys wore blue mascara, hair was big and TV mostly trash. It's like every lazy programmer has hit their 40s and is plundering their yesterdays to make today's TV. The bones of the 70s, 80s and even 90s have been picked over and served up too often. Over 50s must wonder what happened to the other decades and under 25s must wonder what's so great about a year that gave us Roland Rat, Breville sandwich-makers and Cabbage Patch Dolls. BBC2, Saturday, 8.55pm


FRASIER: I still have to fight the urge to reach through my TV screen and across the Atlantic to punch the daylights out of Daphne's (Jane Leeves) excruciatingly-ridiculous Manchester accent. The arrival of her Dick Van Dyke Gor Blimey Guv'nor brother nearly had me buying a plane ticket to do the job properly. However, this is still a superior comedy and the union of Daphne and Niles means we get to see more of the deliciously-foppish Niles (David Hyde Pierce). This week sees Niles tear a trouser cuff and Frasier become best friends with Roz's ex. Channel 4, Friday, 10pm


LOVE IN A COLD CLIMATE: Set in the 1930s, when Fanny was a girl's name, happy people were called gay and coming out meant something completely

different, this is an engaging two-part drama based on the famous Nancy Mitford novel. Hang on to your hemlines as three very

different beauties - Linda, Fanny and Polly - fall in love and then tumble into wartime

hardship. Initially, it may seem like just another light and frivolous costume romp about a bunch of braying hooray Henriettas, elderly lords and strict Victorian fathers. But the story of our three heroines becomes increasingly gripping as war looms and their privileged lives are shattered. Add to the unmissable mix great scenery and stirring music, plus gorgeous Rosamund Pike (right) shining as the beautiful Fanny (OK, stop tittering at the back). BBC1, Sunday, 8.45pm

HOT PHIL VICKERY: Catch Fridays on This Morning to see Fern Britton and her resident chef husband get saucy in the kitchen. It's simmering, it's spicy and it's wonderfully warming to watch.

NOT GARY RHODES: This pseudo punk of the pots and pans must really

roux the day cool kid Jamie Oliver mashed it up and be-came a big star. Dull recipes and dull pretend dinner guests make a dull dish.

YOU W0T???

SHHHH! Who's this? She was born in 1959 and brought up on an East London council estate. Her single mum worked as a cleaner to scrape together the two bob a week for drama lessons. At 10 she appeared in Dixon Of Dock Green, by 15 she had her own chat show but is best known for her TV comedy role alongside her real life best friend.

Answer: bottom, right


SHHHH!!! answer is Pauline Quirke


CORONATION STREET: Despite being at it like rabbits, Maxine and butcher boy Ashley still don't have a bun in the oven. Dull Danny tries to play the big man and bans Kevin from entering their house ever again. Sally crosses her arms and whines, Kevin wipes his mits with his oily garage rag and squeaks indignantly - and the girls say very little as usual.

EASTENDERS: Lisa covers her ears with her big curly hair and refuses

to listen to Mel's warnings about the philistine Phil not wanting a baby with her. Dot holds a benefit in the Vic for Nazi Nick. Sonya cheers herself up after saying goodbye to Chloe by jumping on Jamie's skinny bones.

EMMERDALE: Shopkeeper Viv's no longer on the shelf when she secretly weds salesman Bob. Alan squeezes into his bikers' leathers, hoping his Brando impression will wow Diane into playing the wild one with him. Andy tells Cain he started the fire, which is like sharing your secrets with the Devil.

BROOKSIDE: Jacqui wonders if there's more to Robbie than meets the eye - if she looked properly she'd see he has bad boy written all over him. Bev asks Lance to father her child, causing the gay barman to go slightly limp. Emily isn't quite sure how far she'll go to get modelling work but knowing the little tramp, she'll go all the way.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 4, 2001
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