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TV: Soap box Lisa? I don't know a Lisa?; EastEnders' Phil plays the innocent with his lur ve interest Kate.

Byline: with Jo Atkinson

Walford's fave hardman Phil Mitchell must have thought the fuss about Lisa's disappearance had died down, but persistency on the part of the police (and crafty Kate in particular) means it may all come back to haunt himCORONATION STREET It's D-day for Peter when the day of the wedding/funeral arrives - at last, because this far-fetched storyline seems to have dragged on for years.

Are we seriously expected to believe that big-mouth Tracy would keep Peter and Shelley's engagement a secret for this long from his pregnant fiancee Lucy?

But as Peter tries to be in two places at once, Tracy's patience - and loyalty to her step-brother - starts to wear thin, which could bring the whole thing crashing down.

And it's a case of a wedding and two funerals, with Tricky Dicky's body retrieved from its watery grave and released by police.

Gail tells undertaker Archie she doesn't want to go anywhere near it - but I've got a feeling she might not be able to stay away.

EMMERDALE Steph's desperation to start a new life in the South of France means she's willing to do anything to get her hands on the last figurine from Rodney to make her collection complete - even sleeping with him.

Thinking she's leaving for good, she lets rip at all and sundry in The Woolpack - but that's just asking for trouble, isn't it?

Hands up who thinks she might not make it to the plane?

It's a poignant Mother's Day for Debbie, who has ``lost'' one mum and ``found'' another in the last few weeks.

This would seem a perfect opportunity to build bridges with Charity - but there are parts of the past that her real mother would like to keep secret.

Meanwhile, bossy Viv is trying hard to change her ways after hearing some home truths from an unexpected source, but I think this case needs more than a self-help book - maybe a character transplant?

EASTENDERS Betrayal with a capital ``B'' is the order of the day in the Square this week - and I'm not even going to talk about Barry and Roy. It's the cop Kate plot I'm interestedin. To shop or not to shop is a dilemma that Kate finds hard to cope with as she waits for the confession that will nail Phil for good.

Cue flashback to last year, it's Portugal and Lisa is enjoying her new life with baby Louise.

Then Phil turns up - and we'll finally find out what happened on that fateful trip - or will we?

A slip of the tongue from copper Kate raises Phil's suspicions - has she blown it at the last minute?

And, more to the point, has she fallen for the Mitchell moron despite his dodgy demeanour?

problems - one minute she's telling him to take responsibility for Luke, the next she's treating him like a babysitter.

What's a bloke to do?

Debbie finally gets the news she's been dreading - her husband is dead. Ali, Stuart and Kirsty all try to hold it together for their mother's sake.

At Mike and Bev's new place, the honeymoon period seems to be over. He may have a new job as a taxi driver, but Bev is urging Mike to work all the hours God sends because they need the money. She's feeling pretty tired these days - could that be the patter of tiny feet I hear?

events of the night of Reg's death are revealed - who's your money on?

It's showdown time for lovers Sabrina and Dai - not surprisingly she wants to know every detail of that fateful night.

Should she believe Dai? He's the man she still thinks killed her brother, but there's always the chance that Dai might have acted in self defence against Reg, who everyone knows was cantankerous and confrontational when riled.

I wouldn't fancy being in her shoes.BROOKSIDE Ruth and Dan are having parenting SOAP TO MAKE YOU ...heave a sigh of relief ... It's Peter and Lucy's wedding day, so we must be nearing the end of this silly saga - surely?

squirm ... Pollard's up to his slimy tricks to get re-elected as mayor of Beckindale - yuk!

shed a tear ... The Street's regulars remember MaxinePOBOL Y CWMwith the emotional unveiling of a memorial bench.

keep weeknights at 7pm free ...The far-from-ugly eldest son of Emmerdale's new family, Paul Marsden, is a welcome addition to the dales.

sit on the edge of your seat ... Kate's wired up and ready for Phil's confession - will the penny finally drop and did he actually do Lisa in?

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Date:Mar 22, 2003
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