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TV: It's Blainecrazy; David Blaine: Above the Below (C4.10pm).

I'm going to be doing astral projection,'' says magician David Blaine, as he discusses his latest magical trick -if that's what you can call it.

However, viewers of David Blaine: Above the Below won't be able to see his spirit flying away from his body during this endurance test.

They will simply witness him gradually losing weight, while suspended from a crane in the seven feet deep, seven feet long and three feet wide container, with no food, no communication and no distractions of any kind -for six weeks.

Blaine rocked the world when he appeared to levitate a few feet off the ground in his Street Magic series. If you believe the hype,he can read minds, dislocate his joints,and do all manner of bizarre slight-of-hand trickery. Oh,and he once ripped out his own beating heart on American TV.

It was the Carson Daly show,and the host was asking Blaine how he can have such mental control over his body.

Blaine explained: ``I would work on controlling different parts of my body. there is this ancient effect where you can slow your pulse down,''Blaine said.

Then, after altering his breathing to slow his pulse he unbuttoned his shirt,and began digging around in his chest in full view of the presenter and the gasping audience.

Blood began spurting out and Blaine appeared to pull his own beating heart out, to Daly's horror.

For his next trick, the magic man is locking himself up in a perspex box.

Yet this new stunt isn't about reading minds or hovering two feet above the ground,it's a test to see just how far he can push himself.

``I'mnot afraid of death,'' he says. And he's quite open to the possibility that some of his performances could actually result in his own death.

Six weeks without food, surviving purely on water, is a staggering thought for most people. But to be locked away from any stimulus at the same time could tip the balance of his mind -if it doesn't kill him first.


HE'SAT IT AGAIN: Magician David Blaine plans to survive for 44 days in a plastic box without food
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2003
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