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TV: Has it all been Blaine sailing for David?; David Blaine: Above the Below (C4,9pm).

WHEN David Blaine announced he was going to spend 44 days suspended in a transparent plastic box next to London's Tower Bridge, many of his detractors argued that the public would soon get bored.

Yet people flocked to see the American magician. Mind you,not of all the attention was positive: members of the public threw missiles at Blaine -including eggs, golf balls and beer cans.

In fact, there was so much activity underneath the box that it seems the police will present Blaine and the TV companies who covered his endurance test with a bill for the extra security they have provided.

However,now there's a chance to see if it has all been worth it ... yesterday the cameras followed him as the magician finally emerged from his box.

Now in a private hospital, there's the chance to see the physical toll the challenge has taken. And the star reveals how he has dealt with more than six weeks of self-imposed solitary confinement.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 20, 2003
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